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Dan and Ben are back while Sean is in Hawaii! Hear about his epic hike in 444: The Hike of a Lifetime: Kalalau Trail.

“I don’t want to be rude.”

“It’ll make them feel bad.”

“This is just what’s expected of me.”

You work hard and you fulfill your commitments. It’s just the way you are. And that’s what makes you effective! That’s why people know they can trust you. When you say you’ll do something, you do it.

But sometimes, that’s the problem.

We’ve talked a lot recently about rest. About avoiding burnout. About the dangers of being over-committed, and about your non-negotiables.

A lot of those ideas sound good but seem out of reach. After all, you don’t have time, and there’s no time on the horizon, either. Just when you’d scheduled a free hour to focus, something came up.

Something always comes up. Why is that?

Well. When was the last time someone asked you to do something… and you just said, “No”?

Today we’re talking about “no”. It’s a critical tool for preserving your time, energy, and happiness. It’s also a word a lot of us struggle to say.

We’re out to make it a little easier.

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