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We are just a few days away from moving out of our house and officially beginning our sabbatical year. That means I also have only a few days left to sleep in my own bed with my own pillow. I’ll miss that.

The nerves are starting to kick in. Are we really doing this??

Well, we booked a storage unit today, and our lease on the house is up soon—oh, and our internet, water, and electricity are all shutting down… so I guess we really are!

It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet. Randomly, I’ll feel a little anxious, but I think that makes sense; what we’re doing isn’t exactly normal. I think it’s nervous excitement. Maybe a little restlessness, actually. We originally planned to be out January 1st, so I’ve been itching to go for weeks!

My office is taking a lot of work to pack up. It’s just so complicated with all the gear and wiring. I’m also resisting the urge to shove everything into a box like spaghetti. I’m taking my time and trying to organize things neatly so I’ll actually be able to put it back together in 2021.

I’m super excited for the Dallas, San Diego, and Los Angeles meetups happening in the next few weeks!

Episode Transcript

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Sean: It’s a bit of a gloomy day here in San Antonio, Texas. Kind of rainy, but just the type of day to sit inside and pack everything up and get ready to move. So we’re in full packing mode. There’s boxes everywhere. My office is in a bit of a disarray, worked for it six hours yesterday, and it still looks the same gear and stuff everywhere.

[00:00:23] Uh, but we’re beginning to make progress on moving out of our house and beginning a year of travel. Hey, it’s Sean McCabe with and we’re getting ready to move out of our house in just a few days and begin a year, a sabbatical year of nomadic travel. And that’s going to start off briefly in Dallas, Texas, before we head to the West coast, and we’ve got a couple of meetups coming up.

[00:00:48] We’d love to see you. We’d love to meet you in person. So we’ll talk about that in just a minute. But yeah, we just booked a storage unit, which we’re going to have all of our stuff in for a year. I’ve been selling a lot of stuff on eBay, which has been going well, just kind of downsizing, but we still got some things.

[00:01:04] There’s a lot of key pieces of gear that I still want to keep for. When I returned from sabbatical in 2021 for podcasting and video and stuff like that. And you know, clothes. Couch, things like that. Uh, so we do have to store some things, even though we’ve been able to sell a lot. But man, it’s still, it’s still more than I thought it would be.

[00:01:24] I thought we’d be like really, really minimal and still, somehow we’ve managed to accumulate so much stuff. It’s crazy. But yeah, it’s actually happening and it still hasn’t hit me. I don’t think it’s going to hit me til. I’m in California. But yeah, I’m, I’m, I’m ready. I’ve obviously been looking forward to this for, for three or four years.

[00:01:44] Uh, but at the same time, I am actually feeling a little bit anxious, like at times, like, what are we doing? I was having a conversation with Lacey. We were driving somewhere, and, uh, she’s like. This is like some weeks ago. She’s like, I think this is a bad idea. And she was kind of joking. And we know like, we’re going to look back on this in a year and it’s going to be the most incredible thing.

[00:02:07] Uh, but still you still got the nerves, the anxiety. It’s just not a normal thing to do, to move out of your house, have no car, Nope. You know, no place that you actually call home. We’re not actually gonna move back to San Antonio. We don’t actually even know where we’re going to live after this year. But.

[00:02:26] Uh, yeah, it’s just, we’re, we’re just kind of surrendering to the unknown and just going with the flow, not trying to make too many plans and just kind of let, let the magic happen, you know? But. Speaking of plans, we don’t want to plan too much, but we do have to plan things like meetups because people need to know when we’re going to be in certain places.

[00:02:47] So we did go ahead and get a few of those down. We’ve got the actual dates and stuff. So Dallas is going to be January 28th. That’s a Tuesday. It’s the only one that’s going to be on a weekday because that’s just when we happen to be in Dallas. We’re just visiting family for a few days before we really head out to, uh.

[00:03:04] Embark on this journey. Uh, the rest of the meetups are going to be, we’re going to try and do Saturdays cause that’s a little bit easier for people to get to. Um, but you can find all the details, all the information for these meetups. S, location, you know, address, all that stuff. But Dallas, January 28th, that’s a Tuesday.

[00:03:24] Uh, San Diego February 1st, that that Saturday, the same week, Los Angeles, we went ahead and added Los Angeles. That’s going to be February 15th. We’ll do a meetup. From there, we’ll go to San Francisco and Portland, Seattle, Vancouver. I think we’ll probably do, we’ll go ahead and do a meetup in Las Vegas and then salt Lake city.

[00:03:45] And from there we’re going to do a little road trip to some national parks, which is going to be fun before we end up in Denver. And then kind of make our way over. We might stop in Chicago, uh, to the East coast, you know, a lot of East coast cities, but I’ll save some of that for later. That’s kind of our tentative plan right now.

[00:04:03] But, uh, the, the next three meetups, Dallas, San Diego, Los Angeles, those are all definitely happening. So we’d love to see you if you’re anywhere near those cities. Again,, you can find out the information and that’s going to do it for this update. Ohms didn’t record one. I’m glad I still have my bean bag.

[00:04:21] Uh, but I desperately need to go back to my office and continue tearing things down. It’s crazy in there and there’s not much time left. Hopefully I can put it all back together trying to keep things organized. But uh, yeah, that’s the update for now. Hope I see you at one of the meetups and talk to you soon.