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What does it feel like to move out of your old house but not have a new one to move into?

It’s like climbing a staircase and expecting another step.

Or as Laci puts it, “Like when you’re forgetting something, but it’s really big and important.”

“Like where you’re going to live,” I said.

“Exactly,” she replied.

We are officially moved out of our house. Our belongings are in storage, and we each have a backpack which contains everything we’ll need for a year.

We had some furniture to bring to family, so we rented a truck to drive to Dallas.

Near the end of our trip, we pulled the truck over and recorded this podcast to capture our immediate thoughts and feelings on moving out, having no home, and beginning the sabbatical year.

We also talk about how it feels to not yet know where we’re going to live after the sabbatical.

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Episode Transcript

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Sean: [00:00:00] All right. We pulled over to the side of the road because we were going to record a podcast while driving, and it was just way too loud. So here we are.

Laci: [00:00:10] Hi.

Sean: [00:00:11] Hi, we, we have no home officially.

Laci: [00:00:16] Yeah. That’s crazy.

Sean: [00:00:18] How do you feel.

Laci: [00:00:19] You know that feeling when you are forgetting something, like you feel like you’re forgetting something. I feel like that except. It’s something really big and important,

Sean: [00:00:30] You forgot something really big.

Laci: [00:00:32] like, I forgot that we need a place to live.

Sean: [00:00:37] Yeah. It’s still definitely hasn’t hit me. We are almost all the way to our family’s house. My family’s house in Dallas, Texas. So we gave the keys back. We’re completely moved out. We had some movers help us this morning with some of the big pieces of furniture. We put everything in storage and now we are officially beginning the sabbatical year.

Laci: [00:01:05] It doesn’t feel like it’s the same day today.

Sean: [00:01:08] Today’s been a long day. It’s, it’s dark right now. Uh, I figured now’s the best chance to record a podcast once we’re with family, we’re just going to be visiting and stuff. So figured we’d just pull over. We’ve got a U hall, which is a popular truck, uh, service in the United States, but it’s basically just a big, huge truck where you can put your own furniture in it and drive it around.

And we rented it for a couple of days, bring it up, a little bit of furniture to give to the family. So, uh, yeah, we’re just sitting in the U haul truck.

Laci: [00:01:41] Yeah, pretty soon we won’t have this and we really won’t have anywhere to,

Sean: [00:01:45] Yeah. Literally just the backpacks, everything. Everything fits in the backpack.

Laci: [00:01:51] yeah. Crazy.

Sean: [00:01:53] Everything. Everything we, everything we’re going to use for the, for the rest of the year. It hasn’t hit me though. Has it hit you? It just feels like we’re visiting family. He still ever home back at Holland.

Laci: [00:02:05] we’re going to go back.

Sean: [00:02:06] We’re never going to go in that house again.

Laci: [00:02:09] That’s weird.

Sean: [00:02:09] We lived in that house for the longest of any house we lived in while married,

Laci: [00:02:15] Yeah.

Sean: [00:02:16] and we’re, we’ve almost almost been married 10 years.

Laci: [00:02:19] Yeah. That’s crazy.

Sean: [00:02:23] I’m glad. I’m glad you’re, I’m glad you’re doing well though. I’m glad you’re feeling well.

Laci: [00:02:27] Yeah. I’m excited. It’s just

Sean: [00:02:30] It’s big. It’s big that you’re excited. That’s, that’s different last year. A lot more. Uh,

Laci: [00:02:38] A lot more nervous.

Sean: [00:02:39] yeah,

Laci: [00:02:40] I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m still kind of nervous.

Sean: [00:02:42] sure.

Laci: [00:02:43] It’s a lot better.

Sean: [00:02:45] Yeah. Every once in a while I’m like, what are we doing?

Laci: [00:02:50] And I asked on the way up here, I was like, what if we hate it?

Sean: [00:02:54] I can, I hate it.

Laci: [00:02:55] Sean thought that was pretty funny.

Sean: [00:02:58] Or, or your other thing that you say is, this is a bad idea.

Laci: [00:03:05] You can just start the podcast with that.

Sean: [00:03:08] Oh gosh.

Laci: [00:03:09] is a bad idea.

Sean: [00:03:10] What else do you, what else do you think people want to know? Oh, Ben. So we, we saw Ben, um, said goodbye to Ben and Rachel. And one of the things Ben asked me was, are you open to maybe potentially living this kind of a life for even longer? And. I said, yeah, I’m, I’m open to it. Like, maybe that’s, that’s a possibility.

Like we do this and it’s just awesome. So why stop arbitrarily, there’s more places to go. Like we’re still having a good time. Um, and then the other more introverted part of me is like, no, I’m, I’m already looking forward to like having a, another house, having my office and a studio and everything set up and I can just go sit in my bean bag.

So I’m like kind of on the fence there.

Laci: [00:04:02] I was like, no, shut that down.

Sean: [00:04:03] You want a

Laci: [00:04:04] Yeah. Yeah.

Sean: [00:04:05] We haven’t even started and you’re, you’re already like, okay, I’m done.

Laci: [00:04:09] No, no. Not like, okay, I’m done. Just like, okay, I know I’m not going to want to do this for a super long time.

Sean: [00:04:14] Yeah. So, okay. We could talk about like what the plan is.

Laci: [00:04:21] Yeah. The plan is we’re going to be here at the family’s house for a few days, going to do a Dallas meetup on Tuesday. Um, and then on Thursday, we fly out for San Diego.

Sean: [00:04:36] San Diego will be there a couple of weeks. We got to meet up. We added Los Angeles, uh, which is cool. You can find all the details for these And then we’ll be in Los Angeles for a few days in San Francisco for another couple of weeks. We’ll do a meet up there. Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Las Vegas, salt Lake, Denver.

Laci: [00:04:59] Yes, I’ll go places.

Sean: [00:05:03] What are you looking forward to.

Laci: [00:05:08] I’m really looking forward to the Pacific Northwest, like I’m looking forward. I haven’t been to Seattle or Portland very much, and so I’m really excited to see those places and I’ve never been to Vancouver. Um, so I feel like,

Sean: [00:05:23] where Dan lives and good to see Dan

Laci: [00:05:24] yeah, so that’s the part that I’m most excited about right now.

Sean: [00:05:29] seeing Dan.

Laci: [00:05:32] Dan, the man, uh, um, no.

Like I, it’s, uh, it’s good. Like the, I’ve been to California a lot and stuff, but the Pacific Northwest is not somewhere I’ve been for,

Sean: [00:05:45] I was going to ask if you feel free, but honestly I feel now I feel attached to this. You haul truck like I feel like there’s still stuff.

Laci: [00:05:53] it’s the only shelter we have right now.

Sean: [00:05:55] Yeah. I don’t have the, I don’t have the sensation yet that like. Oh, I’ve got it as the bag on my back, you know? Yeah. I think I will in a few days.

Laci: [00:06:04] I kind of feel like a little kid who’s run away from home.

Sean: [00:06:10] But you, you, you’ve got a bunch of stuff. You’ve got a bunch of stuff that a kid wouldn’t have. Like, yeah. You got like everything, everything you could need.

Laci: [00:06:19] Yeah.

Sean: [00:06:20] I was actually like really relieved that I was able to fit everything in my back.

Laci: [00:06:24] Yeah.

Sean: [00:06:25] Even though I’m like hardcore, trying to be minimal about this, like five shirts, five shirts for a year, you know?

But somehow it all, it all adds up. Like, Oh yeah, well, of course you need a, you need a charger for this. And, uh, you know, running shoes and it just adds up.

Laci: [00:06:47] I like, yeah, dwindling down was pretty hard cause I thought I’d do a load it down and then I had to do on the way down even more. Um, and narrow, narrow down.

Sean: [00:06:56] We did

Laci: [00:06:57] Definitely broke a sweat pack in my backpack.

Sean: [00:07:01] W was it heavy or you were nervous?

Laci: [00:07:03] No, it was more like, like heavy and try like I kept putting stuff in and taking stuff out and putting stuff in and taking stuff out.

Sean: [00:07:11] I just know from all the like travel gurus I’ve, when I did a bunch of research on like, how do you prepare for this? What do you pack? It’s just like less, less, less, cut it in half. And I know we’re still gonna we’re still gonna feel like we packed too much and we’re going to get rid of stuff.

Laci: [00:07:28] Yeah, and definitely I was like, I’ve, I’m still, I’m literally thinking of things that I can, like as I started getting rid of certain toiletries or different things, it’s like I can replace them with something that is . Double duty as something else. I’m already thinking about like doing the link down even further as we go along.

Sean: [00:07:51] All right. So yeah, it’s not real at all that we don’t have a house anymore. I think it’s going to take a while for it to hit. It’s just going to feel like we’re on vacation and at some point we’ll, we’ll go back to our, our house. But it’s not even like moving, it’s not like this isn’t your house anymore.

You have a new house. It’s like there’s no home anymore, or just vagabonds.

Laci: [00:08:19] There is, I realized that, you know, the vacations we’ve been on have been about like 10 days usually. So I have a feeling past the 10 day Mark. We’re going to start feeling like,

Sean: [00:08:33] isn’t a

Laci: [00:08:33] yeah, like hitting home a little bit. Maybe pass like 10 days or two weeks or something.

Sean: [00:08:37] Yeah. I’m really, really excited to meet people

Laci: [00:08:41] Me too.

Sean: [00:08:42] like Sean Westmead. Meetups are always so much fun. It’s just so great to see people. It’s like a, it’s like a little mini conference or like a camp. If you’ve ever been to a camp, you know you don’t want to go home and we’re just going to have a bunch of those all over.

Laci: [00:09:00] It feels like having a support net, having like a like support group.

Sean: [00:09:06] Does it feel like a little safer.

Laci: [00:09:08] Yes, very much. It feels like there’s people that we know and we’ll get to see and fall back on. Should we like.

Sean: [00:09:16] A lot of you have gone to and submitted a form there to say, Hey, if you come to my city, I’d love to host you. And I just wanted to say, I really, really appreciate that. I haven’t like responded to every single person to say thanks, you know, for the option, and we’ll be in touch. But, um.

You know, just consider this me saying thanks whether or not we end up in your city, whether or not we end up reaching out like it’s, it, it just really means a lot and it’s really

Laci: [00:09:47] Yeah. Thank you. The support there is incredible. Like it just feels like generous blessing.

Sean: [00:09:55] Cool. Well, anything else you want to share?

Laci: [00:09:58] No, that’s it for now.

Sean: [00:09:59] All right, well, hopefully we see you soon. Otherwise, uh. Yeah. Uh, see you on, uh, Instagram at Shawn West. Feel free to reach out at Lacey’s actually been sharing. Yeah. I normally, I normally don’t direct attention toward her, you know, but like now she’s actually kind of like coming out of her shell.

She’s like, I want to share on Instagram, so feel free to tell people where they can find you.

Laci: [00:10:22] Yeah. So my Instagram is at Lacey, Janae, Lac. I. J. A N E. a.

Sean: [00:10:29] All right, and what? What can they expect when they follow you on Instagram?

Laci: [00:10:34] Um, a lot of Instagram stories, uh, my perspective, you know, just going along, using it as like a little mini blog, um, as we go along and live out of a backpack for a year.

Sean: [00:10:46] What type of things are you going to share.

Laci: [00:10:48] Um, so I am still kind of in recovery from an eating disorder. I might talk about that just a little bit. Um, and then. Kind of like packing stuff and just sharing food along the way and the fun stuff that we do along the way.

Um, my, a lot of my page is food stuff and I’ll still share food stuff, but I think it’ll be a lot more like

Sean: [00:11:13] Just documenting

Laci: [00:11:14] documenting travel. Yeah.

Sean: [00:11:16] Cool. All right. Talk to you soon.

Laci: [00:11:19] Bye.