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On Monday we posted Part 1 of a 5-part podcast miniseries called Finding Community. Sean talked about the need to cut negative inputs out of your life if you want to be successful.

I know what he’s talking about—anyone else feel the need for a Twitter cleanse?—but that can’t be all there is to it.

Turns out, there’s another crucial step, and you can hear all about it today, in Part 2!

You can’t just cut out the negative

In Part 1, Sean talked about the necessity of cutting out the negative inputs in your life, whether that’s social media accounts or the people sitting next to you.

But you can’t just cut out negativity, that leaves a void.

You have to surround yourself with positivity.

We all know the expression “24/7”—it means “all the time”.

Sean wants you to remember a new expression: 14/7.

Why 14/7?

  • You should be spending 8 hours sleeping.
  • That leaves 16…
  • But let’s say you have some negative people you just can’t get away from.

So you get 2 hours with which to be flexible. But the rest of the time, those 14 hours a day… you’ve got to pipe positive inputs into your ears.

You need to offset negativity with 5x as much positivity.

As much as we try to cut out negative inputs, there’s always some that will still get through.

Any negativity that you can’t cut out, you need to offset with positive inputs.

Your mindset is shaped by your inputs

In Part 1, Sean talked about the dangers of scarcity mindset, and the need to cultivate a mindset of abundance instead—even if you’re in circumstances of real scarcity.

You can’t cultivate an abundance mindset when you’re got negativity coming in.

If you’re around negative people more than 2 hours a day… you need to change your environment.

You can’t accept an environment of negativity. Even if it’s your job. Even if they’re your friends.

You become like the people you spend time around. And negativity has gravity on its side.

It’s not always easy (or possible) to control your physical environment… but you can control your digital environment.

Create a positive digital environment

For 14 hours of the day, focus your digital environment on postive inputs.

Yes, of course you have a job and need to get your work done.

But all that other time—when you’re on the train or the bus, in your car, walking around, working out at the gym, washing dishes… pipe positive content into your ears.

Immerse yourself in the positive.

  • Listen to the seanwes podcast—it’s all about improving yourself, self-development, positivity, and motivation.
  • Listen to other podcasts with positive values.
  • Seek more-positive sources of news and information—they’re out there.
  • Find better YouTube and Instagram accounts to follow.

Here’s a secret: you don’t have to follow your friends on social media just because you know them.

It’s true. Now that you know, try this: unfollow everyone. Every single person—all the way down to zero.

If you’re worried someone you unfollow will get mad, or unfollow you in return… that’s an indication your relationship with them is shallow. You won’t miss it.

Now you can start building up from zero. Imagine opening an app and there’s NO content.

How do you feel? Is your life better or worse?

Start following accounts on social only if they add positive messages to your life.

Remember: you are not obligated to follow anyone. This is you and your mindset at stake… take it seriously.

Renew your physical environment with positivity

Okay, you’ve overhauled your digital environment… but what about the physical?

What if you have friends and family dragging you down?

Seriously consider cutting off those relationships. But if you can’t, you can still:

  • Limit your exposure to negative people as much as you can.
  • Offset negativity by immersing yourself in 5x the amount of positivity.

What does offsetting negativity look like?

Let’s say you have to spend 2 hours with a negative family member. Can you work that down to just 1 hour?

Now you’re still experiencing an hour of negativity. So you need to pipe in 5 hours of positive input from other sources:

  • Talk to positive people in your life.
  • Listen to positive audiobooks, videos, and podcasts.

Limit what you can control. Offset what you can’t.

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Episode Transcript

Note: This transcript of the episode was machine-generated and has not been edited for correctness. It’s provided for your convenience when searching. Please excuse any errors.

Sean: Hey, it’s Sean McCabe. Welcome back to our five part series on finding community. Now, if this is the first episode you’ve listened to, go back to the last one, part one. Of this series cut out the negative inputs in your life, whether it’s in your digital, online world or the physical real world. The people you’re hanging around with want to make sure you’re cutting out negative inputs, but that’s not all.

[00:00:23] We can’t just cut out the negative inputs. The second part is surrounding yourself with positivity. That’s what we’re talking about today in part two. Now, you’ve often heard people say 24 seven this expression, 24 seven comes from. 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week, 24 seven means all of the time constantly.

[00:00:46] I’m going to propose a slight tweak. I want you to pipe positive content into your brain. 14 seven. Now, why 14 seven instead of 24 seven well, first of all, you should be sleeping eight hours a night. That leaves 16 hours. And then I know some of you are going to say, look, Sean, sometimes I’m just around negative people and I can’t control that.

[00:01:09] I can’t cut that out. There’s nothing I can do about it. So I want to give you. Two hours and we will let those two hours be flexible hours. Maybe there’s just a couple of hours in your day you can’t control and you have to be around some negativity. I’m going to grant you that, but the rest of the time you need to pipe positivity into your ears.

[00:01:29] 14 seven, 14 hours a day. Seven days a week. We need to offset any and all negativity. We’re trying to cut out as much as possible. That’s what we talked about in part one, but I know sometimes there’s a little bit of negativity. Maybe it’s family that you can’t cut out of your life and you have to be around a little of it.

[00:01:49] We need to offset that negativity with positivity. Your mindset is going to change only as a result of changing your inputs. If you have more than two hours of exposure to negativity each day, you need to change your environment. That might be your job. That might be your relationships, the people you’re hanging around with, but that kind of toxicity will poison your mind.

[00:02:14] It’s going to keep you stuck. You can’t afford it. Don’t accept negative environments. You can make a change. You’ve heard the expression we talked about last episode, you become like the people you hang out with, you spend time with. It’s true. And remember, negativity has gravity on its side. It’s easier for them to pull you down than for you to pull them up.

[00:02:36] Now, you can’t always control everything about your physical environment, but you can control your digital environment and what you consume online and through social media. 14 seven means for 14 hours out of the day. You’re doing everything within your control to make sure positive content is going into your ears.

[00:02:56] Yes, you do have to do your work. I understand, but outside of work, when you’re walking to your car, you’re riding the train or the bus, or you’re doing chores around the house, you’re going to the gym, you’re doing a workout, you’re running all of those times, you’re piping positive content. Into your ears.

[00:03:13] You’ve already cut out the negative sources like negative people in your life, negative content online. You stopped following those Instagram and Twitter accounts. You’ve unfollowed the Facebook feeds and unsubscribed from the YouTube channels and podcasts and newsletters. That’s a good step. But it’s only the beginning.

[00:03:29] First you cut out the negative, then you need to immerse yourself in the positive. What is the positive? Well, I would consider this episode, this podcast that you’re listening to, this would be positive. This is about improving yourself. Self-development, motivation, inspiration, positivity, thinking in terms of abundance.

[00:03:49] This would fit that criteria. And you know, there’s other types of content you consume all over. That also fits this criteria. That’s the kind of content I’m talking about. So it could be other podcasts could be a positive version of the news. It could be better YouTube videos, better Instagram profiles.

[00:04:08] Here’s some news. You don’t have to follow people that you know in real life on Instagram. Your friends. Same with Facebook. Same with Twitter. You don’t have to follow people just because you know them in real life, just cause you went to high school with them. Here’s what I would do. This is what I’ve done before.

[00:04:24] Unfollow everyone all the way down to zero. Do this on your Instagram. Oh no, but what about all the people who will see that I unfollowed them and then they’ll unfollow me? You know what? If that’s as shallow as the relationship is, so be it and here’s what you’re going to do. You start from zero. First of all, I would recommend sticking with that.

[00:04:43] Open up the account, and like you, you open up the app and you’re like, there’s, there’s nothing here. There’s no content and see how you feel. Is your life better? Is your life worse? And I would start to build that following back only as it adds to the positive value in your life. So start following people that add.

[00:05:04] Positive messages to your life. You don’t have to follow anyone. Remember that? Don’t do the whole follow for follow thing and worry about unfollowing someone and what are they going to think? This is you, your mind, your mindset that’s at stake. So let’s treat it seriously. Now, when it comes to offline friends and family that you’re spending time with, if these people are dragging you down, you need to cut it out.

[00:05:27] Wherever you can cut out those relationships and wherever you can’t. Limit it. Limit the time that you’re spending with negative people anywhere. You can’t cut out negativity entirely. Limit your exposure as much as possible, and then offset negativity by immersing yourself in, I would say five times the amount of positivity.

[00:05:50] So what does that look like? Let’s say you have to spend two hours with a negative family member first. Do what you can to minimize that time. Maybe get that time down to an hour now. Pipe in five hours of positive content, positive input through other sources. This can be talking to positive people in real life, or it can also be listening to audio books, positive podcasts, YouTube videos, et cetera.

[00:06:18] Limit negativity you can control. Offset negativity you can’t control with five times the amount. Of positivity. So we’re starting to set the stage here for getting yourself around positive people, building a productive community with positive people who actually want to help you succeed. We’re starting to lay the foundation here.

[00:06:41] We’re going to continue to build on this in the parts to come in a few more days. I’ll share with you part three of this series finding community, but before we go, I want to remind you that. Sean is where you can go to sign up for annual membership before the price increases. Right now, you can get a ton of months free on March 20th we’re increasing the price permanently, so if you go to  dot com slash membership you can see how many months you get for free right now.

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[00:08:08] That’s called fired up Mondays. You get access to that as well. Sean we would love to have you in the community. Thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you soon.