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One of the ways to stand out from other podcasts is to pay attention to sound quality. One of the ways to get good sound quality is to have a great microphone and a quiet room to record in.

Depending on the room you’re in, you may hear echos from your voice (either in the low-mid frequency range, or in the high end). Echo becomes especially apparent if you’re recording with a condenser microphone instead of a dynamic mic.

Background noise and room echo creates a poor listening experience for your audience. They may get distracted from what you’re saying or annoyed by the constant reverb or background noises.

You don’t want listeners thinking about the noises in the background or the way your room sounds; you want them to focus on your message.

Eliminating background noise and room echo will give your recording a more professional sound. It will be more pleasing to listen to. Your audience won’t hesitate to share it with their friends.

That’s my goal for today’s epiosode; to help you get better sounding recordings.

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