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There comes a time in every podcaster’s life when we feel dissatisfied with the results we’re getting. Maybe you were hoping for more downloads, more sponsors, more fans on Twitter or Facebook, but it just isn’t happening.

I see these questions a lot. I’ve asked myself all these questions before.

People aren’t sharing my show with their friends. What am I doing wrong?
People aren’t leaving me iTunes reviews. Does no one care?
I ask people questions and they don’t respond. Why is everyone ignoring me?
I don’t feel the desire to keep doing my podcast. Should I push through or quit?
My podcast doesn’t seem to be growing. What should I do differently?

I can promise you that every successful person has felt the same exact way at some point in their life. Very few people start with a built-in audience. Everyone has to work hard and fight for every bit of attention they get.

We all look at other people who are achieving success doing similar things and wonder, “Why not me?” Some people get angry and bitter about it. Some people get depressed and quit and retreat to the safety of not trying.

So I want to ask you this; do you love podcasting enough to suck at it for awhile? Are you willing to look at what you suck at and work to make it better?

Being honest with yourself about what you suck at is the first step towards getting better.

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