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Today I want to talk about the power of consistency.

So many people, myself included, struggle with recording and releasing a podcast consistently. There are a few reasons for this:

1. We underestimate how much time it will take
2. We don’t say no to other things and our schedule gets filled up

Steve Luvender asked: What’s more important: creating consistently or publishing consistently? When you’re publishing on the same schedule every week, do you find a difference in quality and depth of your podcasts or content when you dedicate regular time for creation, versus creating whenever it’s convenient? Does it matter as long as the release schedule is consistent?

If you want to grow an audience, you have to release shows consistently. I absolutely believe that dedicating regular time for creation will make your podcast much higher quality.

The focus of my show today is going to be on what steps you can take to make creating consistently a habit.

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