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I’ve had a few people ask me about how they can podcast about things that are strictly visual; think hand lettering, or programming, or gaming. That’s a great question, so I want to talk about it in today’s episode.

When I started thinking about this, my first reaction was “Well, there are just some things you can’t do with a podcast.” Then I started thinking about why I love podcasts so much, and what makes them more appealing to me than videos or screencasts.

My key points for this episode are:

1. Podcasts are great, but you can’t do everything with them
2. Different people learn best in different mediums, so if you want to reach the most people most effectively, you need to learn how to create different kinds of content (audio, video, screencasts, writing, courses)

My special guest this week is friend of the show and Community member Garrett Mickley. Garrett started a podcast called Learn to Learn with Garrett Mickley, and he’s passionate about helping other people optimize the way they learn.

He joins me for this episode to talk about the different ways people learn best, and why podcasting isn’t the right medium for learning for everyone, and why podcasters need to create content in other mediums to supplement their podcasts.

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