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Procrastination is a treacherous thing. So many times there’s something that requires our energy, but we can’t bring ourself to do it. Maybe you have an idea. You know it could be something awesome, but you’re also aware that it will take a great deal of effort. You passively entertain the idea of shortcutting the process, but deep down you know the best way is simply buckling down and doing the work.

This typographic illustration was hand-crafted from scratch. I sought to bring a very mechanical feel to the piece that would embody various tools we associate with work while still remaining very legible. The tagline wraps up the message sharply with the employment of the industrious Idlewild from Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

Print Quality

The design is printed on super sturdy, wonderfully high-quality, 140lb French Muscletone Whip Cream paper. Because I wanted to capture a retro-industrial feel with the white outer border, we went with a thick stock that would be able to absorb the significant amount of blue ink necessary to create the background without weakening the paper’s integrity.

This 2-color, 12″ by 18″ screen print was carefully prepped for print with meticulous trapping to maximize the precision of the ink placement to prevent gaps resulting from any screen misalignment.


The typographic illustration is very detailed and precise. Though meticulous, I really enjoyed working on this piece. I shared a screencast going over my process for creating the gear element over on Method & Craft. It’s more of an advanced tutorial that clocks in at 16 minutes, but hopefully you’ll find it interesting if not useful.

What’s the story behind the grinding gears? In my article, The Simple Hack to Producing the Extraordinary, I talk about some of the deeper philosophy that is behind the creation of this design.

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