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Ideas: The good ones only come when you don’t expect them

It’s funny, ideas rarely come when we’re in dire need of them. We’ve all experienced the times where the deadline is fast approaching and we can’t seem to get our brains in gear! No matter how hard you try to force it, that stroke of genius or that original idea is all too evasive.

Of course, when do you get that brilliant thought, it always seems to be later when you’re in the shower! The mind needs time process thoughts and arrange them in a way that makes sense. Sometimes that means taking a walk or even sleeping on it. Other times it means engaging in an adjacent activity that exercises a different area of your mind.

One thing’s for sure: you can’t sit around and expect great ideas to pop into your head right when you want them. The best way to stoke the mental fire is to be proactive about pursuing alternative ventures or even recreation. Work on a side project, take a break, get another person’s opinion (and be open-minded about their feedback!). Do anything you can to get the creative juices flowing. Who knows, you may be able to use an otherwise mundane experience to trigger a thought that produces a unique solution.

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The design is printed on the deliciously textured French Pop-Tone Black Licorice. The 12″ by 18″ screen print features a 3-color design, and is individually hand numbered and signed.

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