Overlap Book

Overlap Book Bundle


  • Hardcover
  • eBook
  • Audio Book
  • Pre-order Exclusive: Limited edition 6×9″ letterpress print.

Overlap is about getting from the life you have to the life you want, even if you are broke, have no support from your family, can’t seem to find time in the day, or lack focus. Read more at OverlapBook.com

  • Find what you’re actually passionate about.
  • Sustainably make money from work you enjoy doing.
  • Get more time in a day.
  • Increase your focus and get twice the amount of work done.
  • Maintain the habit of waking up early so you can own the day.
  • Get your family on board with your goal even if they’re scared.
  • Get out of scarcity mindset and create an abundant life.
  • Produce multiple streams of income.
  • Build an audience and make a name for yourself.


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