We are hiring!

We’re hiring Writers, Video Editors, and Quality Assurance Specialists to work with seanwes media.

Daily Content Machine is in high demand, and we’d love to pay you to help turn weekly video shows into daily clips for social media.

We find the best moments from our client’s long form videos and turn them into short clips. Then we write engaging titles and add flawless captions.

We help busy people share their message so they can:
  • 💰  Get more clients
  • 💻  Create more content
  • 📖  Write their book (finally)
  • ❤️  Spend time with their family

All they have to do is record their weekly show and we handle the rest.

As a result, they get to: Be everywhere. Every day. Automatically.

3 Roles:

1. Writer (Work With Words)

If you like editing written content, coming up with titles, and finding takeaways, this is the perfect position to put those writing skills to use.

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2. Producer (Video Editor)

We give you rough-cut videos to polish up. You make them look good, sound good, and render the final animation. If you enjoy working in After Effects and Photoshop, this position is perfect.

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3. Reviewer (Quality Assurance)

At seanwes media, every piece of content that goes out needs a second pair of eyes. That’s you! If you sweat the details, and care about quality, this proofing and reviewing position is right up your alley.

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