Creating Paths for Your Audience With Email Courses

You need to rethink emails.

I had it all wrong. So wrong. You probably do too.

Tell me if you can relate: I was creating so much content that I had a direct correlation between creating content and sending emails. I only sent emails when I had new content to share. I was convinced this was the most important thing. I was convinced that recency was king.

But it’s not about recency.

People do not care if you wrote this last night or last year.

It’s about relevancy. It’s about relevancy over recency.

Right now, you think emails are for sending your new post to your existing subscribers. That is one thing emails can do. It’s also the weakest thing emails can do.

You’re Doing Emails Wrong (I Did Too)

If you want to make money, you’ll listen to me. I messed this up. Please hear me: I messed this up.

I thought the most important thing about emails was sending the newest content to the greatest number of subscribers in the least amount of time.

I was wrong.

The most powerful thing about email is sending the most relevant content to a single person at the right time.

I thought daily emails were spammy and horrible.

You probably do too.

Why? Because you’ve experienced horrible, daily emails! Naturally, those are what you think of when you hear “daily emails.”

I thought the same way.

But if you’re interesting in bass fishing, are you going to wake up tomorrow no longer interested in bass fishing? No, of course not. You’re going to look at your subscriptions and watch videos and read magazines and articles about bass fishing.

Begging for Daily Emails From You

It’s the same with growing your business or hand lettering. The people interested in hand lettering don’t wake up the next day and look at their Instagram feed and say, “Why am I getting all of these lettering posts in my feed?! Get them out!” That’s preposterous. They’re going to consume because it’s what they’re interested in!

There’s no question that people will consume content in the area of their interest every single day. The true question is whether it’s going to be your content or someone else’s content.

I’m going to share how I had people sending me messages begging me not to stop sending daily emails. I’ll also explain why you don’t have to write every day to send daily emails (this will make sense later).

Want to Beat Me by 2 Years?

You’ll learn how to beat me by two years because I foolishly (like you) resisted this idea for years.

I robbed my audience of a ton of value and also missed out on opportunities for revenue. If you learn this lesson from me instead of the hard way, you’re going to be so incredibly far ahead of me. I’m actually really jealous right now.

Email is not about blasting your latest thing to the most people. If you don’t learn why this is wrong, you simply will not win.

If you want to continue operating this way (like I did for two years), please close this tab! This email course is not for you. It’s only if you want to learn to do things the smart way and rethink emails entirely.

Right Email, Right Person, Right Time

Learn to create systems that will automate the delivery of the right message to the right person at the right time.

It’s about creating paths. You create paths for your audience that guide them on their journey right now and eventually bring them into your ecosystem to share your latest content.

I want to demonstrate to you exactly how to create these paths for your audience using email courses. If you want to see exactly how I do it with total transparency, enter your email below and subscribe.

P.S., If you haven’t caught on yet, I will be sending you daily emails. Yes, you should close this page if you don’t want daily emails.

But somehow I know that you do. Think about it for a minute.

Start Sending Daily Emails

You want to deliver value to your audience. You've heard about people sending daily emails, but it sounds so intimidating. Want to learn how to do it the smart way—the way where you'll get email replies from people begging you not to stop sending daily emails?

I'm going to take you on a journey. Not only will I be teaching you exactly how to send daily emails people will be addicted to opening every single morning, but if you're smart, you'll notice that you can also learn just by observing how I do it.

Yes, I'll be dissecting each step along the way with total transparency even when I sell. What's that? Sell? Yes, I will be selling and showing you how to sell as I do it.

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