Why Are They Not Buying What You Sell?

It’s the craziest thing…

You have this awesome product or service that can change someone’s life, but people just aren’t buying.

What’s wrong with them?

Well, the first step is to take responsibility. There’s nothing wrong with them

They’re not buying what you sell because there’s a disconnect in your messaging.

Your visitors are not seeing themselves in the story you’re telling!

It starts with a deep understanding of who this person is.

  • Who do you want to reach?
  • What are they struggling with?
  • How can you connect with them?

People believe they have very good reasons for not buying. They have a LOT of uncertainties and to make a purchase with so many unknowns would be foolish.

You have to figure out what those uncertainties are and address them. Pre-empt them.


Talk About Benefits, Not Features

Let’s face it: you’re very close to what you sell. Too close.

You already know it’s great. Maybe you’ve even had a few customers tell you as much and you know the tremendous impact it can have.

Your natural inclination at this point will be to talk about all of the great features of your product. “Surely that will get them to buy,” you think.

But people don’t buy features. They don’t even buy products.

People don’t buy products, they buy a better version of themselves.

They’re buying a result.

Is that what you’re selling?

Chances are, you’re selling a product. People don’t buy products, remember?

People want to buy a better version of themselves and you need to paint that picture in your sales copy.

What you sell is the picture you paint of who they become as a result of what you sell.


Hire a Copywriter or Become a Selling Powerhouse?

Writing effective sales copy is a skill. You’re not born with it, so unless you’ve received training or practiced a lot, it’s not going to come natural to you.

Again, if writing sales copy feels awkward or doesn’t come naturally to you, welcome to the club!

Copywriting doesn’t come naturally to anyone. But it is a learnable skill! You can learn to write effective sales copy and sell more of what you sell.


Many people, however, don’t invest the time into developing this valuable skill.

This is why a lot of people hire a copywriter.

But if you outsource your copywriting, someone else has to start from scratch and learn about your business, your products, and your prospects.

A good copywriter can do this with time (and money), but you’ve already done the work of getting to know the people in your audience! You already know and understand their struggles. Why not learn how to relate to them in a way that resonates? Why not learn how to write effective copy yourself?

When you pay someone thousands or tens of thousands to write copy for one campaign, all you have is that one campaign.

Once you stop paying them, they go away.

Now you have to hire a copywriter again and again for each new product or campaign.

More money.

Starting from scratch every time.

Round Out Your Skill Set and Learn to SELL What You Offer

When you invest in learning to write effective copy yourself, you now have a skill that will serve you for life.

You’re already good at creating products and services.

Why not learn to sell more of them and write in a way that sells on autopilot?

You become a powerhouse: You’re able to create new products and services and successfully sell what you offer.

But this is only possible if you know how to connect with people.

Up Next: What Does Good Copy Look Like?


Copywriting pros know their writing needs to check THREE boxes every single time if they want people to feel like their minds are being read.

Most people are just guessing with their sales copy. If they’re lucky, they might check one of the boxes.

But hitting one of the key elements is just as bad as hitting none of them—you have to hit all three every single time.

What are they?

Let’s talk about the three points your writing needs to hit.