How much should you give away for free?

Give away the best 10%.

You heard me right. Don’t be stingy. I’m not talking about just any 10%, I mean the best 10%.

When people receive that value, they will assume that everything else is just as good, if not better. “Wow, if the free stuff is this good, I can’t wait to sign up for the full thing!” That’s why you give them the best. Don’t hold back.

Also, do not underestimate the value of consolidation. If you have delivered a ton of relevant value in many different places for free, you can package that up and put it in a paid product!

Don’t be afraid to give away the what.

Give away the what, sell the how.


If you have an online course, the way to sell that course would be to give away the best 10% of your material for free. Give away as much of the what as you can and sell the how. The how is the practical application of the material. The how is what you deliver in the course.

Knowing exactly how to break this down, what to give away, and how to position it can be the difference between making the sales you’re making now and making more sales consistently.

By the way, here are the posts in this series so far:

The Right Words, the Right Time, the Right People

What if every word you wrote was purposeful? What if you learned how to write the right words, at the right time, for the right people, and it continued serving you?

If you are determined, dedicated, and disciplined, you could spend the next 5 years trying to figure this stuff out like I did and hopefully learn what you need to grow your business with writing.

If you’re young and have the time, I strongly encourage you to do this. You will keep the hard-learned lessons from the mistakes you make in the next 5 years more than you will learning from mine.

But I want to condense the past 5 years of what I’ve learned about writing for business into a single, digestible course.

A million words a year sounds cool, but the wrong words in the wrong place at the wrong time don’t move the needle and it doesn’t matter how many of them you write.

I want to share what I’ve found works after years of writing consistently.

The $900/hr Consultant

A couple years ago, I took an email marketing course from a guy who’s a genius.

I’ve selfishly kept the name of the course I took under wraps because it totally gives me a MASSIVE competitive advantage. Seriously, I’ve not shared it on any of my podcasts, blog posts, videos, courses, or even the Community.

I might share it with you later.

At any rate, I learned a ridiculous amount from this course. The course was a few hundred dollars—which was a steal of a price. When I went through the lesson, I literally felt like I’d stolen from him (the ultimate sign of a valuable course).

Truth be told, it had a profound affect on my writing and marketing efforts. Some pages back, I shared the results of my six figure course launches. There’s no magic behind it: I simply learned from super smart people who knew more than me and applied everything I learned.

Business is not all that complicated when you understand it. There are things that work and there are principles that are tried and true. Once you understand and learn to apply them in the right contexts, things just work.

I saw results.

So, a funny thing happened. He changed his system and I had to create a new account (no big deal). However, doing so actually triggered all of his automated emails again that originally went along with the course! (He’d probably be super embarrassed to hear this, but I wasn’t complaining).

It had been over a year since I went through the material so I was actually really excited to go through it again!

In one of his emails, he mentioned in passing that if you wanted to hire him, his consulting rate was $900/hr. It wasn’t really meant to drum up new work (it was more to make a point in his story), but I actually clicked through to his “hire me” page.

After thinking about how much value I’d gotten from his course and emails and how’d they paid for themselves dozens or times over, I realized I was a fool not to hire him for consulting!

Here was my reasoning: I was already doing the work. I was making sales. I was applying what I learned. With as knowledgeable as he was about marketing, I figured it would literally be impossible to get on a call with him for an hour and his advice not result in a few extra sales for me!

I contacted him. I spoke to his assistant first who said he may not be available because of deadlines. “Oh well,” I thought. “It makes sense. He made that course years ago, who knows what he’s doing now? I’m sure he’s too busy.”

A few hours later he replied. He was available! We booked a call for the following Monday (6am my time since he was on the other side of the world).

Remember I said I couldn’t imagine not making a few extra sales as a result of his advice?

Oh man, did I underestimate him.

The advice he gave me on that call was pure gold. Not only did he help me on one of my course launches, but what I learned had exponential benefits since everything I learned for one project could be applied to every other launch I did in the future!

Sitting here, I’m estimating that what I learned on that call (it ended up being 90 minutes—he was super generous) will result in six figures in additional sales over the next 12-18 months.

$900 seems like an astronomical hourly rate to some people. Let’s be real here, it’s not small number. But like I said, this guy is a genius. I’d already made tens of thousands from what I learned from buying course for a few hundred dollars, so I knew his experience applied to my specific situation was a no-brainer.


Supercharge Your Writing

In November, I set out to create a 2-hour writing workshop with as much knowledge and writing insights as was humanly possible. I did this for two reasons:

  1. My brain was overflowing with information on writing from a recent talk I’d given in Los Angeles on writing.
  2. I wanted to host a simple event to see if people were interested in learning to grow their business with writing.

Boy, were people interested! The workshop was supposed to be validation for producing a full writing course. Let’s just say the interest has been overwhelmingly confirmed!

The response to the workshop has been tremendous. Hundreds of people registered for the workshop in just a couple months.

As jam-packed as the workshop was, it barely scratched the surface. The most difficult part was having to hold back. Two hours is simply not enough time to go into the master-class-level depth on writing that I want to.

That’s why I’m producing a full, Supercharge Your Writing course.

Here’s a question for you: if you sell a $200 course, do you believe the knowledge I have to share about marketing and writing can increase those sales?

What I’m doing here is condensing the past 5 years of my experience on into a single, digestible, master class on sales and writing. If you have the time, I’d encourage you to spend that time learning and making mistakes. I’m serious—you will remember the lessons from the mistakes you make more than you will mine.

But if you’d like to skip those 5 years and get the condensed knowledge right now, that’s exactly what I’m providing here.

So let’s say you sell a $200 course. Do you think it’s possible that this course will at least make you an extra 4 sales in the month after you go through it?

If that’s the case, it’s already paid for itself in the very first month.

But then the second month rolls around and the copy you’ve written is still there. Still generating sales. Even if it never compounds, what’s 4 extra sales a month for the next year?

48 sales. That’s a $9,600 return on your investment in the first year with a single product assuming your results don’t even compound.

Notice that I’ve transitioned from content marketing to copywriting! (See, now I’m back to teaching mode—this can get kind of meta-crazy.)

The use of the materials inside will have a profound affect on your business.

I’ve got a video for you on the next page. Let me show you more…


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