You must be the obvious solution. You don’t want to be a contender. You don’t want to compete. You want to dominate.

Your product or service needs to be the obvious solution, not just another solution. It needs to be the no-brainer option and you need to be the go-to person in your industry for this thing.

That means everything you put out, everything you talk about, everything you focus on, and all the work you display must be fully related to this thing you’re selling. Anything less will compromise your position as the best. The people who are the best spend no energy on anything that is not what they dominate at.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re the best and people don’t believe it. They have to believe. To believe it, they need to see characteristics of domination. Anything you’re projecting that does not align with your position as the best in your industry is going to undermine your credibility. It doesn’t matter if it’s valuable. It must be both related and valuable.

Do not write about things that are not related to your specialty. Do not write about things that are not related to what you want to sell and what you want to be seen as the best at. I’m repeating myself because you really need to get this.

If you are an icon designer, you better not be writing about morning routines unless it’s “Effective Morning Routines for An Icon Designer” Got it?

People need to associate you with this thing. They need to think about you and they need to immediately think about this thing you’re selling.

Now, that’s actually the easy part. Many people can do this. Many people can get others to think about a specific thing when they think about them as a person. But where it gets powerful is when people associate a thing with you.

Read that last sentence again because it’s important. It sounds like I said the same thing twice, but it’s different. If you’re a photographer, when I think about you, I might think about photography, right? That’s good, but that’s not domination. Domination is me thinking about photography and then immediately thinking about you as a person. That is a huge difference!

To be the obvious solution, you have to dominate. When people associate a thing with you, instead of the other way around, you’ve won. They can be going about their normal day and any time they encounter this thing, it is a trigger. You literally own that thing. People are thinking about you without you even being there. That’s power.

In order for this to happen, there must be extreme clarity. Talking about, posting, sharing, projecting, or writing about things that are not your focus clouds this image of clarity. It makes you more ambiguous. It waters you down in the mind of your potential customers. You decrease the clarity and in doing so you diminish the association.

The association is an asset. It’s how you become the obvious solution. You can only do this by narrowing your focus. It’s not to say you can’t ever sell different products in the future or pursue different passions or careers, but if you want your product or service to be seen as the obvious solution, you must have extreme focus to dominate your market in this season right now.

Approach it as a seasonal thing. You’re not locked into this pursuit for the rest of your life. You’re committed to it as long as you want to remain the obvious solution. It’s that simple. If you commit to this long enough and you truly dominate, you can even do something else in the future and still retain your position as the best even after you’ve moved on!

It’s with this seasonal approach that you can eventually do more and become the obvious solution for many things. But it will only work if you focus on one at a time.

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