So you watched the last episode, you’re pumped up, you’re ready to start publishing more, and you want to up your game.

Maybe you’re thinking of increasing your output. You want to publish more blog posts, post more videos, or send more newsletters, and you’re thinking, “Once a week isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Twice-a-week!”

This is where I was. I started my podcast in August of 2013. I started doing two, full-length episodes a week. A twice-a-week podcast. It was brutal!

I still continue to podcast twice a week to this day, in addition to everything else.

Do I regret that choice? No, I’m glad I pushed myself, but I wish I would have gone about it in a different way. I wish I would have proved it to myself first.

I did it because I ended up pushing myself, but it would have been better to make sure it was the right time first.

“How do you know the right time time to increase the frequency?”

The Right Time to Increase the Frequency

Let’s go back to the reason you want to do this: It sounds cool. Imagining doing a daily blog post or posting new artwork every morning sounds awesome. You know people doing it, they’re successful, and you want to get to that level.

I think this is an admirable aspiration.

What I find is that this dream is typically a bit outside the realm of reality for wherever I’m at. If it was easily doable, I’d probably already be doing it. The reason I’m not is because it’s probably really hard. I like the idea, but I’m not taking the action.

In fact, here’s the biggest problem: I’m not even taking a fraction of the action.

The way you know that you only like the idea of accomplishing something is when you’re not even doing a fraction of it in reality.

You know what’s harder than dreaming of doing something every day?

Actually doing it once a week.

Prove It To Yourself First

You have to prove to yourself that this degree of frequency can be maintained.

Consistency is more powerful than frequency. It’s better to do something weekly than it is to try really hard to do something every day, and then eventually skip days, and then hardly post at all. That weakens your track record.

Aim for whatever you can maintain consistently and then stick to that.

Weekly Minimum

I would also add that weekly output should be your minimum goal before you commit to doing something regularly. I’m talking in terms of growing an audience: weekly is the inflection point.

Can you grow an audience putting something out every other week or monthly? Yes, but very, very slowly. Weekly is the best bang for your buck.

The reason is because we live our lives in weekly chunks. People think in weekly terms. Getting inside this weekly cycle is key. You want to convey your reliability with your audience.

It’s just like with a TV show. You know that your TV show is going to come on every week and it’s a habit. You’re building that habit because you think in weekly terms. Every week, that cycle resets. It resets mentally for you.

Don’t make them think. Is it a Wednesday? There’s needs to be new content. That’s how simple it has to be.

When you try to do something like every other week, it breeds confusion. You’re making your audience think. Let’s say you miss a week: someone is going to wonder, “Are they going to make up for it next week? Will they just skip a week? Will they make up for it next week, or two weeks from now?”

Too much confusion.

Build the Queue

Here’s the question:

What are you able to deliver on without fail?

Now it’s easy to say, “I’m pretty sure I could deliver something weekly,” or “I think I could do this thing daily.” But it’s another thing entirely to actually do it.

The way you know is by creating at that rate consistently without publishing.

That last part is the hard part. It removes all of the romance of the idea. The perceived glamor of being a person who publishes at a greater frequency is gone because you’re not allowing yourself to publish yet.

You have to first build a queue of content and you’re not allowed to post them or even schedule them until you fill the queue.

How Much of A Queue?

So how much of a queue should you have before you increase your output?

  • For daily frequency: 2 weeks of content minimum.
  • For weekly frequency: 4 to 6 weeks is ideal.

Is this easy? No, it’s not easy! But how much do you want it? How serious are you? If you’re not serious enough to build up a queue before you launch, then you’re not serious.

I Practice What I Preach—and Convict Myself Too!

Before you tell me talk is cheap, let me just say that I practice every single thing you hear me preach. Every bit of harsh advice I dish, I take myself. In fact, I’m so objective, I convict myself sometimes. I have made major changes in my business because I had to practice what I preached.

In episode 76 of my podcast, I talked about Superhero Syndrome. In this recording I said, “You need to establish the value of your time. What is your time worth?” Once you have that number, you need to evaluate whether you are doing things that you could pay someone else less than the value of your time to do.

If you are doing things you could pay someone else less to do, you’re lying about the value of your time with your actions.

Once I said this, I realized I was doing just that! I was doing things in my business that I shouldn’t have been doing. I was doing things that I could pay someone else less than the value of my time to do.

As a result, I made some major changes in my business. I wanted to start telling the truth about the value of my time by investing in paying someone else to do those tasks.

All that to say, I’m not just saying this stuff. I want you to know what I’m doing it too. This is episode 12 of seanwes tv and as of this moment, as of this recording, seanwes tv has not yet launched!

It hasn’t even launched and we’re on episode 12. I want to show you that I’m doing exactly what I’m telling you in this video.

Because I’m thinking long term, putting in a couple weeks’ worth of effort to build a queue isn’t too much.

Small actions are better than big aspirations.

How great does the idea of working out 5 times a week sound? It sounds pretty good! But if you’re not even working out once a week in reality, it does you absolutely no good.

Having big dreams is awesome, just make sure that you prove to yourself that you’re willing to back them up with small actions.