Today, I want to talk about building buzz for your product launch and share 3 ways that you can build momentum to make your product launch successful.

Here’s the thing: people don’t notice announcements, they notice consistency.

I like to think of it as a firework show. If one large firework goes off, a few people nearby will glance over for a moment, but then they’ll immediately go back to work.

But compare that to a 20-minute firework show—with fireworks constantly going off—people are going to notice that. It’s relentless. You have their attention because you’re being consistent.

How does this relate to product launches? You similarly want to be consistent in building up to the launch.

I’m well over 100 episodes into my podcast and I still have people that follow me say “How did I not know you had a podcast?”

People miss things. You feel like you’re over-promoting yourself and constantly putting things out there and you’re afraid people are going to get annoyed, but they’re not.

It takes a lot of consistent content to start getting any kind of attention.

  • How do you build up momentum?
  • How do you generate that buzz you want when you’re launching a product?

You want to create anticipation and you want to provide value up to the launch. Here’s how you do this––I’m going to give you 3 ways.

1. Blog Posts

Provide real, actual value. Give that away for free, put it in a blog post and share that with people. I’m talking about your very best content, not just your pretty-good stuff. It sounds counterintuitive, but people will think “If his free content is this good, his paid content will be even better!”

Give away your best content for free.

You’ve got their attention by providing value in this post, now at the end of your blog post you want to have an opt-in to your email list. Ideally you want to have a lead magnet or incentive for people to sign up (this could be a free guide, or something else you give away in exchange for someone’s email).

Repeat this process by continuing to post more blog posts, with more value as you lead up to your launch. Don’t repeat the information but repeat the process. You can talk about the same subject but do it in different ways. Talk about your product from different angles and continue to provide something new and fresh.

2. Newsletters

Now that you have people on your email list, don’t let that list go cold! Continue to provide value to them. Remember those blog posts I was talking about?

Let’s say someone gets on your email list after you post your 1st blog post. As you post the 2nd and 3rd blog post on your website ramping up to the launch, that’s probably content they haven’t seen and this is where the newsletter comes in.

You can repurpose that content as a newsletter or link to the posts from your newsletter for the people already on your list. This is a great way to continue to provide value.

While you do want to repurpose content for your newsletter, don’t only do this. Because if all you’re doing is posting your blog posts in your newsletter, why should anyone be on your newsletter? There’s nothing exclusive there. They can just go to your website whenever they want—at least that’s how they will think of it.

You also want to treat your newsletter subscribers special by providing exclusive content.

Give them something they’re not going to get just by going to your website. Mix it up with some exclusive content that they can’t find elsewhere. Keep it focused on providing value.

3. Videos

Obviously, this is great if your product is something like a video course—in that case it’s a must! But even if your product is something other than a video course, still use video. Videos are a really engaging medium.

Get over your fears and get on camera. Tell people a story.

People connect with humanness.

Why are you making this? Who is it for?

Right now, I’m not giving a perfect delivery on camera, but that’s sort of the point—it’s authentic. You’re getting to connect with me on a human level that you wouldn’t be able to do just through text.

  1. Blog posts
  2. Newsletters
  3. Videos

Obviously there are other ways, but those are the top3 I’d recommend for building buzz for your product launch.

This is exactly what I did for Learn Lettering. I spent about 6 months building up anticipation prior to the launch and that went a long way toward contributing to its success. Remember, people don’t notice announcements, they notice consistency.

I’ve also been building buzz for my book, The Overlap Technique, for the better part of this year. I’m still writing the book and I’m trying to keep it in the forefront of peoples’ minds. I’m iterating in public because I want you to see how well the book launch goes and you’ll know that it’s as a result of building buzz through these 3 methods over time.

Remember how I said to give away some of your best content for free? That’s exactly what I’m doing here. This video is actually a remake of one I used to have exclusively in my Community.

I’m giving you great content for free so you know that my paid stuff is even better.