I was at a Christmas party this last weekend and got to talking to someone. I asked him what he was doing for work and he said he was coming up on 5 years at this job and it was going ok, but he was getting restless.

I asked him what he would like to do, and he said he would really like to write, but that there’s so many people writing and he’d need to find something they’re not talking about.

Then he said, “I feel like such a small fish in a big pond.”

The Big Pond Is Full Of Consumers

But you’re not just a small fish! Now is the best time in history to be a content producer. Everyone is constantly consuming. Everyone is constantly browsing feeds.

How many of you when you’re at a party and everyone gets up to get a drink in the kitchen, do you just sit there and wait? Nobody sits and waits anymore! We have iPhones. We fill the gaps of our lives.

What do we fill it with? We fill it with content. People are hungry for your content.

The moment you flip the switch from consumer to producer, you position yourself as an influencer.

Most people consume. There’s a 10/10/10 effect going on. If you look at Reddit, the vast majority of people browsing, reading, clicking links and viewing images don’t even have accounts. 10% of those people have accounts. Of the people that have accounts, 10% of them are actually adding comments or upvoting, or posting links. These are the curators. But only 10% of those people are actually the ones creating the content itself that’s being consumed!

It’s not unlike the situation on Facebook or Vine. You know how they have autoplaying videos where you can see the number of views? The ratio of views to likes is crazy! It’s the same 10/10/10 effect. 10% of the people viewing passively will actually hit the like button. 10% of those people will actually comment.

These are just generalizations of course, it’s not exactly 10%, but I want you to think about this. You’re looking at all of this content created online and you’re looking at what’s been made by the 1%! The people creating the content that you consume every day comprise such a small segment of the world.

If you’re even thinking about it, you’re golden. If you’re even thinking about being someone who makes something, who writes, who shoots video, or who podcasts you’re automatically ahead! No one else is thinking about this.

No one else is thinking about creating, they’re thinking about consuming.

They’re not thinking about writing about the things that other people care about, they’re thinking about finding the things they want to read.

Waiting For Something To Hit You

I hope you’re inspired by this to be more than just a consumer. I hope there’s a switch in your mind right now from consumer to producer, but I want to leave you with one very important note:

Do not wait for something to hit you.

I mentioned that there aren’t a lot of people creating, but there are a lot of people who like thinking about the idea of creating. I know a ton of people who think about starting a blog and about writing. They feel like there’s a lot of people out there already doing what they do and they need an angle. These people are just waiting for that unique angle to hit them.

I have news for you: it’s never going to hit you. Yes, you need to find your angle, but don’t wait to write until you know what you have to say. That angle is not going to hit you while you’re sitting around, it’s only going to happen if you discover it.

Write to find out what you have to say.

Write your way into it. If you wait for the angle, it’ll never happen. You’re only going to find it by starting. Decide to start and discover your own unique voice.