When you scroll through your feed, what do you see? Cory had the realization while scrolling through his Facebook feed that most of the posts or shares from his friends were links to someone else’s article or video. He noticed that his friends weren’t creating their own content. Cory saw this as a motivation to be the person putting stuff out there in a world where the vast majority of people aren’t.

People aren’t creating, they’re consuming.

People are posting and curating what others have created, but they’re not making themselves. They’re hungry for new content. Very few people are actually creating content. This is an opportunity for you.

The 10/10/10 Effect

Only 10% of people that consume will curate content and of those people, 10% are actually creating the content that everyone is consuming (Related: tv030 Why You’re Not a Big Fish In A Small Pond).

The moment you flip the switch from consumer to producer, you position yourself as an influencer.

Last year, Cory implemented an intense, but fun new habit for himself: spending an entire day creating.

Addicted to Creating

It’s hard at first, but creating becomes addicting (in a good way) once you get into it. Eventually, when taking a break or being away from the things you’re creating, you find yourself wanting to create instead of consume.

Confession Time With Cory

For those that don’t know, in addition to producing seanwes tv videos, he is a filmmaker. With 10% left on a script he’s been writing, Cory confesses to choosing consuming over creating earlier this week. He says it was a conscious choice he regretted the next day.

He was glad he had that feeling because it motivated him to choose creating.

Surround Yourself With Creators

There’s a tremendous benefits to being around people who are chronic creators like those in the Community. That influence lights a fire under you, because creating is in the culture.

People in the Community are always asking each other, “What are you writing?” or “What are you making today?” They’re excited to go make things and then come back and share.

Members like reading the backlog of the chat even more than they like reading their Twitter feed! It’s full of people creating, and it’s contagious.

I’ve never been so hungry to spend a day creating, as when I’m around the people in the Community.”

The Community serves as a testing ground with a safe space and an audience of people that are going to encourage you. If you’re hesitant to post something publicly, you can get constructive criticism to help you grow.

It’s a great way to post what you’re working on and get feedback without sharing it publicly. Doing this helped get traction on seanwes tv. The Community gave feedback on early videos and it helped refine the production quality of the show before it was public because it’s a safe place for that kind of sharing.

Early Wake Daily Write

Cory’s been practicing “Late Night, Night Write,” as he calls it, but plans to practice Early Wake Daily Write this year (Related: e139 It All Starts With Writing (Again)) He wants to write both in the mornings and at night, and continue to dedicate Saturdays to creating.

Creating is hard work initially, but the more you do it, the more excited you are to do it.

Being on this show isn’t necessarily in Cory’s comfort zone, but it has made him want to be more public with his commitments and creations. On the last show Cory appeared on, we discussed how scary it is to make a public commitment (Related: tv029 Building an Audience for Long-Term Projects) Cory has big plans to grow his content, make it public, and build an audience in 2015.