Cory wants to grow an audience by consistently posting a video update on his latest filmmaking projects. He plans to share something regularly but he wants to know the best time to do it.

Once I Commit, How Frequently Do I Need to Post?

Posting weekly is the sweet spot for any kind of content—blog posts, newsletters, videos, etc. People will lose interest if you only post content once a month.

Every other week is simply too confusing. If you post every other week and you miss a week, people will wonder, “Will he make it up 2 weeks from now? Will he do it next week? Does he post on the second Wednesday of the month?” You don’t want to make your audience have to think super hard to know when your content is coming out.

People think in weekly terms and live in weekly cycles.

The key is to get inside that weekly cycle.

Everything resets on a weekly basis for people—regular events they have, routines they follow, and their favorite tv show’s schedule. If you want to go above and beyond, you can do daily or twice a week, but weekly is the sweet spot.

What Day Should I Post On?

Cory plans to do a weekly video update and asked,“I was thinking about posting on Saturdays because it’s a free day, but maybe that’s everyone’s free day and they’re busy.”

The best day is the day you can stick to consistently.

From my observations, Saturday tends to be the slowest day of the week in terms of traffic. People plan things for Saturday since most people work jobs during the week. Sundays tend to peak in traffic because people typically plan things on Saturday and then have a relaxed day.

I’ve noticed on Instagram specifically, posting on Sunday evening around 9pm (U.S. time) or so gets a lot more traffic than other days and times. There’s a spike for some reason. People must be relaxing and browsing their feeds a lot on the night before their next week starts.

I would avoid Monday because everyone is getting back into their routine and there’s a lot of noise and busyness for people. Their email inbox is already overflowing so people tend to miss content on Mondays.

Tuesdays are a really solid day because it’s still early on in the week, but it doesn’t have the craziness of Monday. Posting on Tuesday gives people the chance to reset after a crazy Monday. But the later in the week you go, attention wanes. Once you get to Friday, people are ready for the weekend. Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday are all good days to post. I would recommend Tuesdays but you might have some luck with Sunday.

Cory said, “My secondary choice was going to be Monday but now that you said to avoid it, I’m rethinking that. I thought Monday would be good because I have a Monday group that 20-30 people go to every week. Those people associate Monday with me already. I thought maybe if they already had me in the back of their minds, it would be a good day to post.”

It could actually be a good time for you to post! I want to emphasize that the best day is the one you can stick to consistently. Keep in mind, what day you post is minute optimization.

The day doesn’t matter as much as the consistency.

Which is more powerful?

  • Posting on a Tuesday, where you could get 64 views instead of 60 on a Monday.
  • Posting on a Monday, where you strengthen people’s association of that day with you.

If people are busy on Monday and they know you’re the guy who posts on Monday, they’ll still watch back on Tuesday. You won’t lose people forever because of a day—it’s about consistency.

If you want to tie this weekly video update to something you’re already doing and really boost the association of Mondays with you in people’s minds, posting on Mondays could be exactly what you need.

Cory asks, “What if that limits it to the people who already associate me with Mondays and I could reach more people if I post on Tuesdays?”

The short answer: the day doesn’t matter as much as the consistency.

Don’t overthink it.

Stick with what you choose, let people know what to expect, and follow through.