What are you doing? I mean right this moment?

Sure, you’re reading, I get that—and I’m glad you’re here! I want to provide value here every single day. I want to make these videos worth your while and I want to inspire you, but what are you going to do with that inspiration?

Everyone is pressing play. Think about all the people pressing play right now—pressing play on Netflix, pressing play on YouTube, pressing play on Facebook. Play, play, play, play!

You consume so you can do what?

You get inspired so you can do what?

Every day, we go through routines. We open tabs, we browse feeds, we watch channels, and we consume. We consume what the few people in this world stuck their necks out to create.

The creators are the influencers. The people with the guts to show up day after day, put themselves out there, share their work, create, and make themselves vulnerable—those are the people whose legacy and impact are remembered.

What kind of mark do you want to leave on this world? This is it. This is your life. This is your one shot. You’re here and you’re gone and that’s it.

No one is going to remember you in a hundred years for watching Netflix.

Make art, make music, write books—make something!

The time you spent so far today is time you’ll never get back. But what you do tomorrow is up to you.