I’m extremely excited to announce that I’m re-launching my daily video show, seanwes tv, on October 5th and this time it will be a 7-day-a-week show! That means:

Every day you wake up, there will be a new episode of seanwes tv.

I’m pretty excited. For those of you just joining who maybe have not seen the first 60 episodes of the show, seanwes tv is quick dose of daily inspiration and motivation to help you grow your business (if you have not yet subscribed, now would be a great time to do so!).

seanwes podcast

seanwes tv is a lot like my podcast. The seanwes podcast publishes two new episodes every week that go in-depth on a ton of business topics. It’s much more in-depth than I can go in a single video here, but if you’re interested in things like marketing and launching a successful online course, developing self-discipline, avoiding costly mistakes with clients, finding clients and pricing on value, or getting started with email marketing, definitely check it out.

Now, those episodes of the seanwes podcast are each over an hour long. They’re not unlike little mini courses and this is awesome for those of you who want to really go in depth.

I’ve heard from many of you that you really enjoy seanwes tv because it’s very condensed and much shorter.

Sometimes you don’t have the time to essentially take a college course on something and you just want the bite-sized version.

I’ve also found that many of you want to share the seanwes podcast with friends, but it’s really hard to get someone to commit to something like a podcast or a tv show. It’s a big investment.

That’s why I’ve decided to bring seanwes tv back where I’ll address very specific topics in short videos that you can practically consume each day, refer back to, or share with a friend.

I think the combination of focused topics, daily output, and video format is really going to explode the growth of seanwes tv. While the seanwes podcast has well over a million downloads, I think seanwes tv will actually surpass the podcast in audience sometime in 2016, so I’m quite excited about that (did I mention you should subscribe?).

$30,000/mo Payroll

Ok, there’s a lot of things that have been going on since I last did seanwes tv. It’s not going to be possible to catch you up on everything, but here’s a firehose update on some of the bigger projects that you’ll be hearing more about over time.

On the last episode of seanwes tv, I told you about my course, Value-Based Pricing. It’s a premium course that teaches you how to price on value. There is also a 3-part podcast series, 7 Value-Discovering Questions to Ask Your Client PDF, and several exclusive videos you get when you subscribe at ValueBasedPricing.com.

When we put the show on pause, I told you I was going to work on the Value-Based Pricing course. In the 7 months that have passed, a lot has changed. I’m still doing the Value-Based Pricing course, but it won’t be until next spring. I’ve had a lot of speaking this year and have been doing a lot of traveling. Also, there are now seven full-time employees on the seanwes team. It’s pretty crazy, there’s a lot to catch you up on.

This means I have a pretty substantial payroll in the neighborhood of $30,000 a month, which is nothing to shake a stick at. One of the things we’re working on is getting monthly recurring revenue for seanwes to where it is covering payroll and expenses. We’re not quite there yet, so we have to do other things to make up that revenue in the mean time.

I’ll be sharing the journey of getting monthly recurring revenue up to payroll over the course of this show

Stay tuned if you like to hear real numbers and behind-the-scenes insights.

Learn Lettering 2.0 Course Launch

We needed to do things to bring in revenue for payroll and that meant courses. Now, I could have done my Value-Based Pricing course, but that’s venturing into unvalidated territory. While it’s been two years since I’ve shifted my focus from hand lettering to teaching business, it’s still a very gradual transition. The Value-Based Pricing course would likely do well, but it’s still an unknown. We could spend many months developing it and still not have a big launch.

So what did I do? I practiced what I preach: I decided to do more of what works. Doing more of what works is the best place to make money. If you want the best way to make money, do more of what works. At some point in the past, you did something that was working for you. Then for some reason, you moved on. It’s the strangest thing, but we all do it.

What has been working well in the past and what have you moved on from?

For me, that was lettering. Yes, I’ve shifted my focus from lettering to business, but the interest in lettering has continued to grow and so has my subscriber list with the lettering segment surpassing 30,000 subscribers. I decided to launch a 2.0 version of my popular course, Learn Lettering. It made $177,803 at the launch. I shared all the details in an 8,000-word case study.

The Overlap Technique Book

That roughly brings us to now. What is my focus now? Well, over the winter, I will finally be finishing my book, The Overlap Technique. It will be free as promised, however I will also produce a physical version that you can buy. This will also include an audio book recorded by me as well as the ebook.

seanwes conference

We’re also planning something very big which is seanwes conference. It will be in October of 2016 in Austin, TX and it will be available to Community members—which brings me to my last update. The Community now has nearly 500 members and is growing daily.

We have half a dozen podcasts on the seanwes network now and seven live shows streamed to the Community every single week—audio and video. That’s something you’re going to be hearing a lot more about. The Community is how we’re able to do all of this.

I don’t have ads on my website, the entire seanwes network is 100% sponsor-free, and you will never see ads on my YouTube videos because I respect your time too much to monetize.

I am giving you this show absolutely for free. How am I able to do that? The Community.

Quality Feedback Any Time You Want It

The Community is a paid membership site for viewers of seanwes tv and listeners of the seanwes podcast and now many more shows on the seanwes network.

Imagine if you could get quality feedback on your projects—whether that was your website, videos you’re working on, client projects, pricing, development, email marketing, and design critique all in an instant, right from your phone in your pocket. How incredible would that be? That’s what the Community is.

Yes, you get access to live broadcasts every day, and exclusive courses, the chat, mobile app, awesome people who will hold you accountable, live video hangouts, direct access to me, and the ability to attend exclusive events like seanwes conference, but also you support us in being able to continue doing these shows.

Cory McCabe is the video guy here and seanwes, and I pay him a full time salary to help produce this and other shows here on the network. None of this is free.

It costs me make these shows for you, but I will never sell your attention to advertisers. You can rest assured that these videos will always remain ad-free. If you want to support us, joining the Community is the best way to do that.

Here’s my question for you: are you excited about seanwes tv coming back being 7 days a week now, and what are you looking forward to hearing more about? Leave a comment on YouTube or send a message. I’m listening.

Subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you on October 5th!