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People don’t notice announcements they notice consistency. You’ll hear that phrase from me a lot because I don’t expect you to hear it the first time I say it.

We live in a noisy world. You business or your brand may be the center of your universe, but you are barely even a blip on other people’s radar. If you want people to notice something, the only way to do this effectively is to show up every day. You must talk about it consistently.

Consistency is the frequency with which you put out content. You have this thing you want people to notice—maybe it’s your podcast, your video show, you course, your new product—you’ve decided on the thing you want people to know about and care about. Now the question becomes: how often are you going to put something out? How often are you going to share new content surrounding this thing you want to promote?

People don’t notice announcements, they notice consistency.

You can’t just put out garbage every single day and you can’t just put out gold every two years. People crave routine and reliability. You want to let them know what to expect. They want to know two things:

  1. What to expect.
  2. When they can expect it.

If you want to remain in the forefront of peoples’ minds, the best method is diversification in media.

Repurpose your content in different mediums. Take the blog post you wrote and expand on it in a podcast. Take the podcasts that resonated the most and distill those down into a shorter video. You must continue to tell the story using different mediums.

How Often Should You Publish?

Set a schedule and stick to it. People live their life in weekly cycles. They think in weekly terms. They have routines that reset. They watch tv shows that come out on certain days. We all know the days that our favorite tv shows come out. If you’re going to do it, do it weekly. The weekly cycle is key. You’ve got to get inside the weekly cycle. People don’t notice announcements, they notice consistency.

If you only post something every other week, it’s too confusing for people. If you miss a week, they’ll wonder if you’ll make up for it the next week, or if you’ll be back on two weeks from now—it’s just too confusing. You’re making you’re audience think. You don’t want to make your audience have to think. You must simplify it for people—“Is it Wednesday? Ok, then I know there’s new content.” Everyone can make something weekly. Don’t kid yourself. Everyone can do this. If you care about something to any degree, you can do it weekly. I know you don’t miss your tv shows.

If you don’t do it weekly, you don’t care about it.

Daily is the Ultimate

Now weekly is the minimum. If you want people to notice, if you want people to care, if you want people to show up, if you want people to consume or buy or attend, you must do weekly. That is the minimum. But if you think that’s child’s play, then the next level is daily.

Daily is the ultimate. Is it day time? Is the sun up? Did I get out of bed this morning? There’s a new video. There’s a new podcast. There’s new content. That is insanely powerful. You cannot beat this. You simply cannot beat this. Daily content is the ultimate way to permanently remain in the forefront of people’s mind. People don’t notice announcements, they notice consistency.

You cannot announce something once and expect people to care! You’re going to feel like you’ve been promoting something until you’re blue in the face and 6 months later people will say, “I didn’t know you had a podcast! I didn’t know you had a video show! I didn’t know you had a course! I didn’t know you had a Community!”

I started my Community membership site in December of 2013. I’ve been talking about it for a long time, but I guarantee that for many of you, this is the first time you’re hearing about it. You didn’t even know that I have a Community where you can connect with likeminded people who also enjoy these topics we’re discussing, who are in every time zone across the world, who are eager to provide great feedback and accountability to you at a moment’s notice at any time of day that you can access right from your pocket with a mobile app. Many of you didn’t know. That’s because people don’t notice announcements, they notice consistency.

People Care, But They Don’t Notice

You must continue to provide relevant value around the thing that you want to promote. I know you have something good. You have something awesome that can really help people. You pour blood, sweat, and tears into your conference, your newsletter, your apparel, your app, and you want people to know. You want people to care. You want them to receive the benefits of this thing you made. But it feels like nobody cares. Well, actually they do care. They would care—but they don’t notice.

You feel like you’re blue in the face talking about this thing and you’re not even on people’s radar. Inside the Community, one of our members, Eric, was asking what to do to promote his short film. He’d felt like he’d exhausted every resource available to him and he felt like he’ been talking about it non-stop.

At the time, I was doing a live show and we were streaming. We had maybe 70 people in there watching live and while we were on the air, I said, “Eric, I want you to watch this. I’m going to type a message in the chat right now that says, ‘Star this message if you’ve never even heard about Eric’s film.” Instantly, the message received about 10 stars in a single second. It quickly climbed, higher and higher until it had over 20 stars within a matter of seconds. This was within a tight Community of people who are very invested in each other!

Eric had been promoting this video and sharing it for many weeks—months even. Yet the vast majority of people had no idea. It takes months. It takes dozens, if not hundreds, of posts and episodes for people to notice something. That’s exactly why I’m doing seanwes tv. That’s exactly why I’m doing it 7 days a week this time, because I want you to notice.

You’re not even close to over-promoting.

Find new ways and new mediums to tell the story.

Squeeze every last drop out of this thing. Share a behind-the-scenes video. Share a making-of the behind-the-scenes video—you think I’m kidding?—you must be consistent if you want people to care. Earlier in this video I shared a message with you. But because I really want you to hear that message, I’m going to be consistent in sharing it with you: people don’t notice announcements they notice consistency. Show up every day, provide value consistently, and get people to notice.