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A lot of times, I’ll answer someone’s question by linking to a video that I made. Whether it’s about failure, pricing, writing, conferences, or how to keep your passion from turning into a job, I’ll often reply with a link just seconds later.

It seems like magic, but really it’s just listening. I have these videos readily available because I made them in response to a question I got a lot. Even this video! It’s a bit meta, but often when I reply to multiple questions in quick succession with links to videos that I made, people say, “You have a video for everything!” So because people said that so much, naturally I wanted to make a video about it.

Whenever I get an email or a comment or a tweet with any kind of question, I write it down. I have a list of questions people ask me. When I start to see a trend or frequently asked question, I turn it into a podcast or a video—usually both! This is much better than guessing at what people would be interested in.

If you don’t know what to write or make a video about, have a conversation with someone.

Tap Into Your Audience

If you ever find yourself pressed for topics, look to your audience. Look to the questions your audience is asking you. If your audience isn’t asking you questions, there are a few things you can do. First of all, just ask. You have not because you ask not. You could ask if people have questions on Twitter, you could write the words, “Ask me anything,” and post a photo on Instagram, you could do a live Periscope—there are a bunch of ways.

If you have an email newsletter, one of my favorite ways is to add an autoresponder or welcome email that asks people:

“What is your number one struggle when it comes to [X]?”

You’re going to get some really great responses from that. Those questions are what you source your content from.

If you’re wondering what to do if you don’t have an audience, there are two methods. First, you can simply have a conversation with a friend. Even if you don’t have an audience, you should be able to find at least one person you know who is interested in your topic. Ask them what the biggest challenge is for them right now. That will give you at least a few topics.

Research the Common Questions

The other method is to look to other people in your industry. Sure, you could look at their content and what they’re outputting, but even better than that is to look at what other people are asking them. The simplest way to do this is to look at their Twitter mentions. Because they are more popular, they are not going to have time to engage with every person. This is an opportunity for you to:

  • A) Reach out to these people and offer to help.
  • B) Make content in response to their questions.

So don’t guess at what content to create!

As much as possible, tap into your audience and create content that is in direct response to their questions.

This is going to make them feel like you’re reading their minds.

When they feel like you’re reading their minds, they’re going to be very engaged. This means they’ll be more likely to listen to what you have to say in the future and it will also increase familiarity and trust with you. Because we buy from who we like and trust, this gets you one step closer to making a sale.