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So you’ve got this thing you want people to know about. It’s really great and people would love it, but you feel awkward telling them about it. I’m going to help you feel more confident about promoting, and not just feel less bad about it but actually feel good promoting!

Right now, you feel guilty promoting your stuff. It makes sense. It seems selfish at first, right? You feel like an attention hog.

You feel like you’re taking advantage of people who are giving you their attention.

Yet at the same time, you’re concerned because it feels awful. You actually do want to provide them with more value, but they don’t even seem to know that it’s there. You announce it but nobody cares because people don’t notice announcements, they notice consistency.

If you want people to notice things, you have to be consistent. Of course, it’s the consistency part that gets people feeling awkward. You’re thinking, “If I keep posting this over and over, people will get annoyed.”

First of all, you’re absolutely right. If you spam something repeatedly, people absolutely will get annoyed. I have good news though: you don’t have to spam anything.

How to Promote & Feel Good While You Do It

Here’s how to self-promote and feel good doing it: you need to provide value. “Yeah, yeah, Sean, I’ve heard it all before. You’re a broken record.” Am I? Here’s exactly how you promote your thing without it feeling like promoting:

Share something that’s valuable, and have that thing point to what you actually want to promote.

It’s a two-step process:

  1. Give value.
  2. Ask.

You must do things in the above order. If you say, “Go check out my new thing! Announcement! Announcement!” no one is going to care.

  1. Provide actual, real value.
    • How can you enhance their experience?
    • How can you help them?
    • How can you solve a problem for them?
    • How can you enrich their lives?
    • How can you alleviate stress?
    • How can you take things to the next level?
    • How can you provide a personalized experience?
  2. Teach people things without them having to sign up for your course or having to buy anything from you.
  3. Share a link to this content on your blog where you actually answer questions that real people have and address their pain points.
  4. At the end of your post, where you answered real questions people have—you’re not just guessing, you’re applying what I taught you in e099 How to Read Minds—you put a newsletter signup box: “Did you like this content? Subscribe for more.”

When they subscribe, send them an email asking what they’re struggling with. When you make new content, make it in response to these struggles. When people feel like you’re reading their minds, they will trust you more.

Are You Enriching People’s Lives?

If you’re making someone’s life better, then you should go out of your way to promote your product or service! Otherwise, you’re doing them a disservice by not letting them know.

If you knew a way I could turn a five dollar bill into a twenty dollar bill, should you not sell me your book for a dollar? We both win! You make a dollar, and I make fourteen more! You just did me a favor—that’s commerce.

What is the value of getting quality feedback on your work at the right time? I know you’re not getting that feedback because you’re not plugged into a place with smart, likeminded individuals who want to help you succeed. Not getting feedback from knowledgeable people who can provide tailored, real-time feedback on your product, newsletter, landing page, or design is costing you thousands.

Once you understand this, once you understand that my consulting rate is $1,000 an hr and yet I will give you personalized advice and feedback on demand when you’re inside the Community for much less, why would I not tell you about this?

Members are constantly talking about how their investment pays for itself anew every single day.

Every single day, they are getting more value in return than what they pay for an entire month. Lives are changing. People are getting breakthroughs.

The things you’re frustrated with when it comes to pricing and building an audience, and struggling with your website development or setting up your newsletter, or filtering clients with your questionnaire, there are people in the Community who can help you. I don’t know why you’re not there, but I can only imagine it’s simply because you just don’t know.

You’re just to afraid to part with the $39 for an impact that will make you thousands.

Focus On Enriching Lives and You Won’t Feel Bad

Now, I want to call your attention to what I just did: I just sold hard to you. I just told you that you’re absolutely crazy—or at least, you’re throwing money out the window—by not joining the Community. I did all of that and I don’t feel bad at all. You know why?

Number one, I started by providing value. I stimulated your feelings of anxiety and awkwardness when it comes to self-promoting and I empowered you. Second, what I’m promoting will give you a 10x return or more on your investment. It’s going to make your life better. I wouldn’t promote that if it wasn’t the case. I wouldn’t implore you to join the Community if virtually every person who joins has not remained a member. They can leave at any point, but almost every single one—hundreds of them—stay. Think about that.

Why Do You Do What You Do?

I want you to really dig deep and think about your motivations for sharing whatever it is that you want to share. Why do you want to share it? Why do you think people should care about it? Is it for selfish reasons? Do you just want to take advantage of them? Or do you want to help them?

I’m going to believe, because you’re listening to this show, that you are the type of person who wants to help others. You made this thing, and you want to promote it because you believe in it and you think it can bring value to others. Hold onto that feeling! That is why you’re doing this.

Now, before you go shouting about this from the rooftops, I want to bring you back to something I said earlier that you might be forgetting: provide unique value around the thing that you want to promote.

You can’t just promote your thing over and over.

Find out what people need.

Help them with that by creating content that addresses their pain points and struggles, and have that point to your solution.