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Choosing a niche can be scary. Narrowing your focus can be overwhelming. I’ve talked a lot about how people will put you in a box. It’s going to happen.

No matter what you do, people will put you in a box. They have to in order to survive. There’s too much complexity in the world and people are forced to simplify.

You can’t avoid being put in a box, but what you can do is define the box they’re already going to put you in. The way you do this is by curating what you share. The way I define “curating” is to selectively project a single, focused thing. You may be good at numerous things, you may be doing multiple things, but curating what you share—selectively projecting a single, focused thing—is how you become known for something.

A lot of people have been saying they want to curate what they share and niche down, but they’re afraid. It seems like you’re saying no to so much. What if you’re too specific? What if the industry changes or your niche is no longer valuable? I want to give you 4 reasons why you should not be afraid of niching down.

1. It’s a Big World

There are a lot of people in this world and the internet makes it even smaller. What might have been an incredibly specific interest that no one you knew shared is now suddenly something that you can enjoy with others.

Your weird thing is now a weird thing thousands of others share. That’s all you need! If you’re afraid to niche down because you think, “Who is going to be interested in this niche thing?” there are people interested.

The internet is on your side now. When you curate what you share, you can find the people who are interested in your niche and those people will find you. You don’t need a million or a hundred million people to be able to sustain yourself or grow a thriving business.

2. You Can’t Pick the Wrong Thing

If you pick something and discover you don’t like doing it as much as you thought, and you would rather do some other thing, that’s progress!

Finding something you don’t like will lead you to do something you like more.

Maybe you find out the road you’re on isn’t one you want to be on. But that road is going to be what leads you to next road. Sometimes it takes going the wrong way to discover what the right way is for you.

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Starting is progress. Indecision is the enemy. You can’t steer a parked car.

3. You Can Still Do Other Things

Niching down doesn’t mean you can’t do other things. People think of it as the end to all of their other passions but really: niching down is the beginning of the relationship you have with your audience.

If you pick the wrong thing and you constantly feel pulled back to something else or an earlier passion you weren’t sure about before, go to that thing!

The ideas that won’t let go are the ones worth revisiting.

The spirit of curating what you share is allowing people the simplest way to grab a hold of you for the purpose of taking them in deeper.

4. It’s Not Forever

Just like saying no to something isn’t saying no to it forever, saying yes to something or choosing to niche down also doesn’t have to be a forever thing. It’s just the handle to bring people on board.

If you’re projecting too many things, people don’t know what you’re about. It looks like noise and they move on. By simplifying what you project and choosing a niche within your field, you make yourself more palatable.

The good news is, you’re not stuck forever. Eventually you can move on to the next thing. Surprisingly a significant portion of your audience will follow you to that next thing because they’re bought in to you as a person. The only way this happens is if you simplify things down in the beginning so people can get what you’re about. Eventually you can show them your other facets and complexities.

You’re afraid to niche down because it feels too specific, but it’s not. It’s forward progress and you can always pivot. Remember that you can always pivot.