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A lot of people act like there is this line between life and business. They talk about work/life balance.

The reality is every minute of your day—whatever you are doing—is your life.

Reading this post is your life. Commuting home is your life. Spending time with your family is your life. Working on your business is your life.

The key is to align your work with what fulfills you. If you can successfully align those two things, there’s no stopping you. That is where your hustle level will be at peak.

When you do this:

Many people will think of you as a workaholic because they can’t imagine actually enjoying what they do.

They see you doing your thing a lot and wonder when you’re going to have time for “real life.” But this is real life! Everything you do is real life. Being fulfilled by your work is real life.

You need to decide what and who is important to you. A lot of your friends are going to want to party and go do fun things that they consider “real life” a lot more often than you will have time to at the rate you’re hustling.

If you want to have unprecedented results and success, your life needs to look different from others’ around you.

Find the people in your life who GET it. Give them your time. Spend time with those people. Give that undivided attention to the people who matter to you in your life.

Your drive is your unfair advantage. Milk it for all it’s worth.

You’re a driven person and you’re going to do what it takes to accomplish your goals. Leverage that. Find the people in your life who matter and when you’re with them, turn off work completely—100%. Put your phone in Do Not Disturb Mode. Turn it off, even. Be present with them.

Find those few people in your life who GET it and position yourself around them. Never let them go and never let them forget how much you appreciate them.

Then when that quality time is up, you’re back to the grind. It’s hustle time. You can work hard now and enjoy it later or you can live it up now and pay the price later. The choice is yours.

There are going to be a lot of people who want your time and want your yes and who will discourage you from working hard, but the people that matter will stick around and understand. Give them your time. Success is learning to say “no”.