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You need an external hard drive for your brain. Don’t worry, it can be wireless, but you don’t really realize how much you’re using your brain as storage right now.

You’re spending so much of your capacity trying to hold onto ideas. So much of your energy is spent not forgetting information and details.

The thing is, we don’t need to do this! Right now, there’s not a way to wirelessly transfer our knowledge to an external hard drive. Except… maybe there is.


At any given time, we’re getting ideas, people are telling us things, we remember that thing we’re supposed to do, and also that rent is coming up.

None of these are things you should be using your brain to remember.

If you want to remember something, write it down.

Get it all out of your head.

Use Your Brain As Processing Power

You can’t think when you’re storing. Rather than spend so much energy trying not to forget, instead write everything down and use your brain as processing power.

Stop memorizing. You simply don’t need to anymore.

Dump, dump, dump.

Trying not to forget something costs processing power. The fewer things you’re holding onto, the greater your focus can be.

Focus is the most important thing.

Stop Memorizing, Start Storing

Use a task management app like Wunderlist or a project management system and put everything in it. Make a project for everything.

Any time you think something, any time you have an idea, a topic, a concept, a product, or anything at all you want to remember, write it down.

When it comes time to do the work, all you want to do is execute.

The absolute worst thing is sitting there trying to remember what it was you wanted to make, staring at a blank page trying to recall that awesome topic you wanted to write about.

The time you set aside to sit down at your desk and work is not the time to be remembering what you were supposed to work on.

Stop using your brain as storage.