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If you’re going to forge your own path in the world, you can expect some resistance.

On the outside, it seems like a fun thing to do what you love for a living: you make the rules, you run your life, and you control things.

But you’re also the one who’s solely responsible for everything. More often than not, that’s a lot of pressure and it can be very challenging. You’re also facing the reality that you have to take care of a lot of things by yourself.

As an entrepreneur, if you don’t do it, there’s no one else who is going to do it for you.

Life could be a lot simpler if you wanted it to be. You could work for someone else. You could do what someone else loves. You could do what you hate. You could do what you kind of like with people who maybe aren’t so great in exchange for a consistent paycheck and benefits.

There’s some security and simplicity in working for someone else. In most cases, you’re just building someone else’s dream, but along with that comes the freedom to mentally clock out at five.

You may encounter some challenges at a job you don’t really like, but in a way, there’s a kind of freedom that comes with being able to check out when work is over.

When you’re doing what you love and running your own business, you don’t have that luxury. Everything comes down to you and to succeed, you really need to always be on. You will always be thinking about your business because your business is your passion. When you’ve aligned the two, they become inseparable.

This is where some people on the outside might say you work too much, or you need to snap out of work mode, or you need to get a life.

But how can you when your work is the very thing you live for? How can you “get a life” if what you do is the very thing you’re passionate about? Do they not live for the times where they can pursue the things they enjoy even if that is outside their work?

What is life if not the pursuit of fulfillment?

Doing what you love is hard. There’s the idea of it and the reality of it. The reality is much less rosy in real life.

There are going to be bumps in the road. It’s going to be challenging. There are going to be times where you’re not sure you have what it takes. It’s not always going to feel fun.

So is doing what you love worth it?

How I know is that the difficulties and struggles are virtually invisible to me when I’m doing what I love. Bumps in the road become mountains when you don’t truly enjoy and believe in what you do.

Loving what you do is the only way to get past the hurdles. It’s not a matter of if, but how you will overcome. There is no question you will succeed. There is no question that you will push forward because this is what you do. This is what you live for.

When you align what you love with what you do, there is no stopping you. It will not always be easy, but the good things in life never are. I don’t for one second regret the decision to pursue my vision and my dream.

Even the greatest of failures encountered while pursuing what you love taste sweeter than any victory made while building the dream of someone else.

Is it easy? Will you always win? No, but you will never be more motivated to get up and try again when it’s something you love to do. Is it worth it? You better believe it’s worth it.