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Do you ever feel like you’re just going in circles?

Not making progress, hitting the same points again and again…

You’re not alone.

This morning in the Community chat, Ryan shared a similar sentiment:

“This morning, I felt like I found my path to take. Then I found some notes from January where I’d said, ‘I found my path to take,’ and it was the same one. Walking in giant circles.”

Do you ever have that? Just when you feel like you’re making progress, you come back to the same conclusion. The same idea. The thing you thought you were going to pursue a long time ago you’re only now finally getting around to.

What a waste of time. Or is it?

While it might feel like you wasted a bunch of time not pursuing something until now, often the hardest part is really knowing if it’s the right idea in the first place. Often, it’s the ideas that are the best ones that come back to you. Make note of those.

Pay attention to the ideas that don’t let go.

This is something my friend, Shawn Blanc, said in a recent talk. The ideas that don’t let go are worth paying attention to. There’s a reason you came back to them.

There’s also some comfort in knowing that the ideas that matter will come back to you. You can only focus on so many things at a time and focus means saying no. It means saying no to many ideas so you can focus on a few of them.

Saying no can be scary. But you can feel good knowing that if it was a worthwhile idea, it will resurface.

So, to Ryan, and to anyone else feeling like you’ve come in a big circle and you’re back where you started, know that if you’re coming back to something, it’s a good sign. It’s validation that it’s something worth pursuing.