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seanwes is an entrepreneurial learning community. We deliver high quality education from people who start from a standpoint of values.

On the front end, seanwes is a media company. Every single day, we publish numerous pieces of educational content on

Podcast Network

seanwes is a podcast network with a growing number of sponsor-free shows providing tremendous value for free. That’s one of our mantras here: full price or free. We don’t ever discount unless we’re rewarding loyalty.

The podcast network is 100% sponsor-free because everything we do on seanwes is sponsor-free.

We don’t do ads because we don’t believe in selling your attention. We value your time too much to do that.


We’re able to do what we do because of the Community. The seanwes Community is a paid membership site. It’s essentially the hub of everything on seanwes and it’s where the magic happens.

Within the Community, we stream live audio and video shows every single day. We have exclusive pre-shows and after shows that are only experienced live.

The members enjoy 24/7 interaction with others around the world in every time zone. Not only can they interact live with the hosts of the show on the network and get their questions answered in real time, but with the custom-built seanwes talk chat system and mobile app, they can connect with other members every day at any time from any device.

The ability to get instant, high-quality feedback and accountability from like-minded people at any time of day is a fantastic benefit.

Course Platform

However, seanwes is much more than just a network. seanwes is also a premium course platform. While much of the content we produce is available for free, the show hosts on the network are also partners on the platform. This means they have exclusive access to the seanwes infrastructure and team for producing, marketing, and launching their own online course.

We provide resources to the show hosts to help them develop their material and create an engaging online course that provides even greater value to their audience and goes in depth on material they teach on their podcast. While seanwes invests a lot in the production and marketing of these courses, the course creators retain the lion’s share of the profits.

The platform is exclusive and invite-only. Primarily, partners and show hosts have been solicited solely from the seanwes Community. This ensures we maintain the highest quality standards and similar values across the platform.


As a method of outreach, we also periodically host seanwes meetups in many major cities. Many members will attend, but the meetups are not exclusive and are open to the general public, which most often includes viewers and listeners of shows on the network.

Facilitating in-person interaction helps make the online Community experience more tangible.

Many times, recent Community members who joined will feel shy about participating until they attend one of the meetups. Getting together with other like-minded individuals in person helps make things feel more real and remind you that you’re not just interacting with avatars but real human beings!

The common ground of having listened to the principles discussed on the hundreds of podcast episodes available on the seanwes network provides a springboard from which complete strangers can almost immediately dive into deep discussion on matters relating to their passion.


These meetups have been so successful, in fact, that we decided to take that experience to a whole other level with seanwes conference. seanwes conference is a 3-day event where entrepreneurs, writers, designers, film makers, small business owners, and creative people across the world come together for a time unlike any other.

We believe in the Rule of Reciprocity which states that when you give value to people, they will return the favor. We never want to sell people’s attention. Instead, we give value and we are sustained by those who feel compelled to give in return. For this reason, seanwes conference is also completely sponsor-free.

In addition to getting to attend the event, conference registration also includes a full year of Community membership.

If you’ve ever been to a conference and had an incredible conversation with someone only to forget to ask for their contact information and are left unable to follow up, this solves that problem completely.

When you attend seanwes conference, you know with complete certainty that everyone you meet is also a part of the online Community. We already have the mobile app and custom-built Community chat systems which means the conversation can transition online seamlessly from the event. You know that every person you meet is someone you can continue the conversation with throughout the rest of the year.

If you’re at a place where you’re looking to grow your business as an entrepreneur, take your business to the next level, and get around a community of people who think bigger, I can’t think of anything better to recommend than seanwes conference.

I hope to see you there and I hope to see you inside the Community!