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This is episode 100 of the daily video show. I’m pretty excited about that milestone, but this is only the beginning. We’re just getting started.

I am fully convinced seanwes tv will be the biggest thing in 2016. If you’re watching back in the future, I want to give you a bit of context, because I have no idea how many views this will have when you see it. Right now, as we record episode 100, seanwes tv typically only gets a few hundred views per episode.

The seanwes podcast has 7-figure downloads. I have 60,000 newsletter subscribers, my website gets 6-figure visitors every month. So why am I pouring so much into a daily video show when it’s only getting a few hundred views?

Online Video is Where the Attention Is

Simple: because online video is where it’s at. This is where the attention is. Attention is the game. Attention is the currency of this age.

If I ask you to stop right now and think of the people you follow who are big online, who do you think of? Immediately, I think of the people who I can see. The people who come to mind are the people whose faces I can picture. And the people whose faces I can picture are the people whose faces I’ve seen over and over again through exposure on video.

You can write, you can record audio, and you can do it every day, but the people who leave an impression are the people who are on video. We are hardwired to connect with human faces.

Online video is TV. They’re not internet celebrities, they’re just celebrities. The internet is a part of our life now, it’s not a secret club.

  • If you have exposure online, you have exposure in life.
  • If you have an audience online, you have an audience in life.
  • If you have influence online, you have influence in life.

There is no delineation. Everything exists on the internet.

No More Middle Man

The middle man is going away and you no longer need to rely on gatekeepers to reach an audience.

This means two things:

  1. You no longer need big media exposure to succeed.
    • The way it used to be was there were large media companies who held the monopoly on exposure. If you wanted to make it, you had no choice but to go through the system because only a few players had the distribution power.
    • As tech got more accessible and with the advent of the internet, everyone now has a video camera in their pocket and world-wide distribution channels at their fingertips. You just have to make something great now.
  2. You’re probably going to have a smaller audience, but that’s ok.
    • Here’s why: previously, the only way to get exposure was to be on something like national television. This felt like you made it. You got your 15 minutes of fame in front of the whole country.
    • The problem with that kind of exposure is it’s tremendously broad. It’s low-targeting. Only a few people who happened to be watching are actually interested in what you were saying.
    • With the internet, you just need the attention of a few people. This is where the internet truly shines because of its ability to deliver highly-targeted information to the right people.

Remember when I said seanwes tv “only” gets a few hundreds views? That’s why I care. Because those of you who are watching this are engaged. You’re targeted. You’re very into this. That’s why I value those few hundred hyper-engaged views (or listens: yes, podcast listeners I’m paying attention to you as well).

Targeted Exposure, Not Sheer Numbers

Those of you looking at my videos and looking at the view counts and wondering why I’m putting in this effort aren’t seeing the whole picture. You don’t see the views I get when I upload these videos natively to something like Facebook. You don’t see the downloads of the audio version of this show at

I have targeted exposure, and so do you probably. It’s not all about numbers. Those view counts are real people.

Which would you rather have? Exposure to 10,000 where all but 10 people have absolutely zero interest in what you’re saying or exposure to 100 where every single one of them has their eyes glued to the screen?

If you have a 2% conversion rate of interested viewers, 100 views gives you two customers. 10 views gives you 20% of a person. Unfortunately, 20% of a person is not able to buy something from you, I’m sorry.

Think Vertical, Not Viral

Stop thinking in terms of going viral and instead think in terms of going vertical. By vertical, I mean depth. Horizontal is the breadth of your exposure—that’s how many people you’re reaching, regardless of their level of interest. You need to be concerned about going vertical, not going viral.

Go deep with the members of your audience who are engaged.

That is where you will see the best results.

My Episode 100 Ask of You

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