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Today’s episode is the first of a seven-part series I’m doing on how to validate, create, market, and launch a product.

Here’s some of the problems you’re running into:

  • You’re creating products before you validate them. You invest all this time into making something before you even know whether people will buy it or not.
  • You’ve launched a product in the past and it failed. Nobody bought it or only a few people did.
  • You’ve launched to crickets. Nobody cared at all.
  • You’ve tried to launch before, but you ran into issues and never ended up completing the product or the launch.
  • You’ve launched to some initial sales, but after your launch, sales plummeted and you’re not sure how to keep them going.

Maybe you’ve never even tried to launch a product before but you’re looking for a blueprint to follow so you don’t launch to crickets.

The 7-Part Product Launch Series

That’s what this series will be about. Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  1. How to Create, Validate, Market, and Launch a Product
  2. How to Validate Your Product Idea
  3. Improve Your Product with a Beta Group
  4. Launch Your Product On Time by Using a Deadline
  5. Market Your Launch With These Types of Content
  6. Email Strategies for a Successful Product Launch
  7. Launch Your Product With This Promotion Process

Teaching is the Best Marketing Tool

You have skills you can teach. You have things you’re good at. You can use that knowledge to provide value to people.

Share what you learn and teach everything you know. This is what will set you apart from all the other people who are just spamming their product.

The wrong way to promote your product is to say, “Go buy my thing! Go buy my thing! Go buy my thing!” People will tune you out because you’re projecting noise.

Instead, create unique value around your product. Teaching on the topic of your product will establish you as an authority. This is how you build trust.

Share Case Studies

Share your past work and case studies. Break down the process for people, show the results. This is what I’ve done time and again to demonstrate my expertise.

For years now, I’ve written thousands of words a day, teaching what I know. There are massive archives of blog posts, videos, and podcast episodes where I teach everything from pricing, to client communication, to email marketing, to design, to public speaking, to writing, to product launches and more.

You’re always going to get people who don’t do their homework. I still get lazy people saying, “Who does this guy think he is? What are his credentials?” Well, if they did their homework and actually read the millions of words on my website, they’d see!

I’ve worked with big name clients as a designer and got to the point where I was charging 5-figure rates with clients. I learned about art licensing and usage rights. I leveraged that knowledge to land huge client jobs and I teach all of that.

I’ve worked with manufactures and designed and produced physical products that we’ve sold tons of every single day for years, with customers in countries all across the word and I have teachings on designing, manufacturing, and selling physical products.

I spent 9,000 hours getting good at a skill, hand lettering, and then went on to work with clients, sell products, and teach my skills to tens of thousands of students. After experiencing success as an artist and forging my own path, I found the most joy in helping others pursue what they love to do and make a living from something that doesn’t suck the life out of them.

How many people do you know write a million words a year? I taught a workshop on writing showing you exactly how. I teach courses on how to price on value. My students are now charging thousands more from the material I teach. You can’t argue with those results.

I’ve built a Community, I’ve produced shows with 7-figure downloads. I’ve created a podcast network. I’ve done this without taking on sponsors. All of these things I teach. Every video or podcast episode I release has exhaustive shownotes. There’s links everywhere leading to other articles that are thousands of words long.

People Don’t Notice When You Say it Once

Why am I saying all of this? If you’re familiar with all of my material, you’re probably wondering, “Sean, why are you telling me about this? I already know about your credentials and qualifications and results.”

But people don’t notice. You need to understand that people are inherently lazy. Unless you lay things out and explain them explicitly, they simply will not know. They’re not going to inherently know that you have expertise. You have to demonstrate it.

You have to assume people are not going to notice. You have to take responsibility and make it easy for them to see your credibility. Create entrance paths for them.

No matter what, you will still get close-minded people wondering about your credibility. No matter how many millions of words you write, you can’t make lazy or close-minded people read.

Lazy People Are Not Your Audience

But you don’t need to worry about these people. They were never your audience or your customer. You’re trying to reach the engaged people.

This is why you need to teach. you’re sharing everything you know to demonstrate your expertise and establish credibility with your potential customers. You need to show them your past results. Show them the case studies. Show them the process. Teach everything you know.

Don’t be afraid to give it all away. I have many people in my audience who have reached out to let me know that the dozens of podcasts I have on pricing and client communication and professionalism have enabled them to charge thousands more with their clients. They’ve been able to get way better clients than they were ever able to before because they’ve learned to be selective as a result of what I teach.

They’re charging thousands more from content I gave away for free. You can’t argue with those results. But I’m not worried. I’m not worried because I know that when people see real results from my teachings, they will be more likely to buy my premium courses to compound those results.

In this series, we’re going to be talking about taking you product from idea to successful launch. We’ll begin in the next episode with validation and making sure people actually want what you’re creating.

We’ll take that through to running a beta group, and using a creation schedule, creating marketing content, email strategies, and finally the actual launch and promotion process itself.


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