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We’ve been doing a series lately with a focus on launching products, creating urgency, and selling without discounts.

One of the 4 ways I shared in the last episode to create urgency in sales is adding bonuses.

Bonuses are a way to add value to your product to incentivize people to buy. This is in contrast to discounting. Rather than subtracting from the price, we’re adding to the product.

In order for bonuses to work effectively, you need to make sure they are related to your product. If you’re selling an online course, the bonuses you offer should enhance the value of the course and relate to the same subject.

I want to give you 5 ideas for bonuses you can add to your online course to increase sales:

1. Done-For-You Services

What is the topic of your course? What problem are you helping people solve? The course you’re teaching helps people accomplish something. The goal of your course is to make your student’s job easier.

What’s something that, even after completing the course, the student still has to do manually? A done-for-you service is a bonus where you, or one of your assistants, performs a task for the customer to save them time.

Think about the problems your customer is encountering. What are some of the more cumbersome tasks that are required of them? How could you alleviate some of that stress? This is something you can offer as a done-for-you service as a bonus with your course or potentially an up-sell that you charge for.

2. Templates

What are some repetitious processes within the tasks your students perform on a regular basis? Is there is a way to streamline those tasks with a template, make one available.

Take the time to systematize repetitive tasks with a template to save your students time. The less they have to think, the better. Do as much of the work for them as you can.

3. Transcripts

Most online courses are delivered in video format. Fewer courses provide written transcripts of all the video lessons. This is a shame because written transcripts and lesson notes are a huge value-add and can be a massive time saver.

Not only is it helpful for the hearing impaired, but believe it or not, your students like to refer back to your material more than once. If your lessons are only available in video format, it’s very difficult to find that one golden nugget they’re looking for.

If your course includes screencasts, including screenshots of key parts of your video in the lesson notes is another enormous time-saver for those referencing back.

If you take the time to script out your videos beforehand, it’s much less work to create transcripts. You probably should be doing this anyway to make sure your videos are condensed and free of fluff.

If you didn’t write everything out initially, it might be worth hiring a transcriptionist.

4. Expert Interviews

Your perspective is an awesome one. That’s why people are buying your course. They want your insights and your opinion. But there’s also value in sharing the insights of other experts in your field.

Getting some new perspectives inside your course can be a great way to create those “aha!” moments for your students. It may be something your interviewee says that makes an idea or concept click for someone.

Reach out to those in your industry who have value to offer. They’ll be happy to help because your course will bring them exposure and they’ll be providing more value to your audience at the same time.

5. Coaching Calls

Finally, you can add an additional tier above your top package that includes personalized coaching with you. The course is a great way to cut straight to the chase and get the meat of what you’re teaching, but the course is only valuable if people actually apply the material.

The sad truth is that a large percentage of people that buy your course won’t apply the information inside. It’s just how things work.

The true value of your course is in the application of the material.

Coaching people through the program can be the difference between it collecting digital dust and actually making a real difference in the lives of your students.

As the online course space gets more and more saturated, value-adds like these will be what help set you apart from the masses. Adding more value helps you stand out from the crowd and become the no-brainer option when someone is looking for their next course to buy. I hope these 5 ways to add value to your online course have given you some ideas!