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Here’s the problem: You’re low on cash, you’ve got no clients in the queue and you need to get some more jobs.

Maybe an existing client canceled on you who had been on the schedule for awhile. Either way, you’re looking for ways to generate income. Your goal is to find some clients, get more jobs in the pipeline, and hopefully make some money with a relatively quick turnaround.

One relatively quick way to make money if you have expertise is to offer consulting. Here’s what I see most people do at this point:

  • They announce that they’re available for consulting or freelance jobs.
  • They tweet it and they ask their friends to share.

Now, let me tell you why this is bad.

The Problem With Announcing You’re Available

When you ask for work, you look desperate. You’re effectively chasing clients. This is problematic because it counteracts the Rule of Reciprocity. By asking for clients, you start off the relationship on the wrong foot. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go back to seanwes tv 085 Top 5 Ways to Get Better, Higher-Paying Clients.

There’s literally no way to do this right. No matter how you try to say it, it reeks of desperation:

  • “Hey everyone, I have some new openings in my schedule!”
    • AKA: “I need jobs.”
  • “Hey everyone, I’m now available for new projects!”
    • AKA: “I really need jobs.”
  • “Hey everyone, I had a few clients cancel on me.”
    • AKA: “I really, really need jobs.”

People don’t want to work with desperate consultants.

They’re looking for confidence.

Desperation is a turn-off. You look unprofessional. At best, the good clients won’t want to work with you. At worst, the wrong clients will try to work with you and take advantage of your desperation by talking you down on your rate. You’ll concede because you’re in Scarcity Mindset, the project will be underpaid, the client will be terrible, and you’ll hate your life and be in an even worse situation with no case study to show for it.

How to Get Work With Confidence

Here’s the almost painfully-obvious solution to getting new clients without looking desperate:

Write an email course.

Take your specialty, identify one of the biggest pain points, and write a 5-part email course explaining how to do the work and create the solution.

Here’s what will happen: you will attract people who want to learn to solve the problem.

Now, you might be thinking, “This doesn’t help me at all, Sean! I want people who want ME to solve the problem!”

I know.

Email Courses Don’t Just Teach, They Attract Clients

But hear me out: Yes, this builds an audience for teaching, but it also attracts potential clients. Because many of the people who have aspirations of learning to do the work also don’t have the time to do the work itself.

This is where you come in. In the email course where you’re teaching, at the bottom of a lesson in one of your emails, simply say something like:

  • “Are you stuck?”
  • “Don’t have time?”
  • “Want it done for you?”

“I can help! Just hit reply on this email so we can talk about your project.”

It’s just there almost like a simple afterthought, but it’s in a prime position. The people going through your email course have aspirations of doing the work, but there’s so many excuses that come up.

  • “I don’t have time.”
  • “I’m afraid of doing it wrong.”
  • “I could really just use the help of a professional.”

Guess who’s the professional in this case? That’s you. It’s you because you didn’t announce you’re looking for work like a desperate freelancer. It’s you because you just positioned yourself as an authority by teaching. Because they’re learning from you, they see you as a source for solutions. This puts you top of mind when it comes to hiring someone to do the work for them.

Email Courses Do it Automatically

Because it’s an email course, all of this can be setup to happen automatically. Email automation tools like my friend Nathan Barry’s ConvertKit can help you setup an automated system like this as easily as writing and sending an email to a friend. Once you have this setup, it runs automatically. You’re essentially attracting and conditioning qualified prospects with no on-going effort. By the time they hit reply on one of your emails, they’ve theoretically already consumed numerous lessons from you and see you as an expert. You’re going to get some of the best candidates you’ve ever received.

Now, to illustrate a point, I’m going to point you to my Community. It’s a membership site where you pay $99 a month where you can get access to a bunch of smart people who can help answer your questions about creating a setup like this.

I’m not actually taking consulting, but if I were, this would be a prime spot for me to tell you to contact me if you’d like some help or guidance on setting up a system like ConvertKit to help you automatically condition prospects and get new clients like a pro. But since I’m not available for consultation, I’ll just say if you join the Community, I’m in there all day and I’d be glad to help you out if you want to set something like this up.