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It takes hearing new information seven times in order to retain it. For you to really hear something and internalize it, you have to be exposed to it seven times.

So everyone is at a different stage of hearing a message. For some, it’s the first time. For others, it’s the third time. Some people may be on the verge of hearing something for that magical seventh time. That’s what I call the Magic of 7.

The Magic of 7

These seven impressions have to come from somewhere. People are exposed to messages in many different places. You may be the first to share an idea with someone or you may be the fifth. If so, the idea isn’t going to sink in when you deliver it. You’re just planting the seed.

But here’s where it gets interesting: it doesn’t matter if you were the one to make the first six impressions, you just have the be the person that delivers it the seventh time.

The beautiful thing about this is when someone hears a message for the seventh time and it resonates with them, they will attribute the value of that message to the person who delivered it that magical seventh time.

If you’re thinking, “Why should I even blog? Why should I try to put my message out there? What’s the point of making videos? Why should I put yet another product into this pool of other products that are identical to mine? Someone else has written an entire book on a topic I want to blog about, who am I to blog on that?”

Maybe someone in your audience actually read that book or heard a prolific, famous speaker talk about it. But those people are putting in credits that add up to that magical seventh time. Even if the author or speaker is way more knowledgable than you, or they speak more eloquently, or they’re better at it, they may not be the magical seventh time.

That means there’s opportunity for you.

You Have Opportunity

By putting your voice out there, you increase the likelihood that you are that seventh impression.

That’s why you don’t have to compare yourself to someone you think is better at delivering the message. They’re just priming people.

The person who receives it when you give them a message for the seventh time will associate the value with you.

Those of you who are married know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably said something to your spouse half a dozen times and it just doesn’t seem to click. Then one day, they tell you about this epiphany they had from a book they read or something a friend said and it’s this thing you’ve been saying for years.

It’s not something to get discouraged about. It’s just how it works. It takes hearing something seven times for it to sink in.

Repeat Yourself

Because it takes hearing something numerous times, that also means you shouldn’t be afraid to repeat yourself. Saying something once isn’t enough. Blogging about a topic a single time isn’t enough.

Other people can contribute to the seven times, but why not contribute as many of those as possible? If you can contribute all seven, then your audience member will attribute the value of the message to you.

Even the most engaged people cannot possibly be consuming every single bit of content you put out. It bears repeating. Your message should be repeated by you.

The Last Person Gets the Credit

Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself. Don’t be afraid to reuse topics and speak about them multiple times.

Remember that the last person to share a message is the one who gets the credit. That person could be you if you’re able to overcome the fear of saying something that everyone else has already said.