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What is hustle? What is enjoying life?

I think a lot of people have this aspiration for working really hard: “I’m going to hustle for 30 years and then I’m going to enjoy life. I’m going to work really hard. I’m going to do something I don’t like and then I’m going to go live in the woods and lay on a hammock, or sit on the beach and enjoy life. I’m going to work really hard doing something I don’t enjoy, hopefully make millions of dollars and then It’ll just relax and do nothing.”

The problem is we’re not designed to do nothing, we’re designed to be productive, be creative, make things, and do things. The problem with thinking you’ll do something you don’t like for 30 years of your life and hopefully make money so you can do nothing is that will not fulfill you.

Yes, there will be a honeymoon phase. Yes, initially, things are fun. Going to the beach is fun. Laying in a hammock is fun. Traveling is fun. Playing video games is fun. But that won’t fulfill you. It’ll satiate you for a while, but:

Unless you’re productive, you’re not going to be happy.

You have to find the thing that fulfills you.

Imagine you just went to your top three vacation destinations. You went on several weeks of these trips all across the world and you just got back. You’ve relaxed, you’ve laid in hammocks, you’ve been beating all of the video games you wanted to beat, you just got caught up on tv shows, and your reading list is complete. You’ve read all the books and you’ve slept in after a party last night. It’s 10:30am, you’re sitting on your couch, what do you want to do?

What do you do? What do you make? What do you create? What fulfills you? What is that one thing that drives you? What is that passion? After you’ve done all the things you think will fulfill you, what is it?

After you have everything you want, when you’re sitting there—you have all the money, you have the experiences—what do you do? The idea is to find the thing you’re good at, find something you enjoy doing and be the best at that thing.

That little thought exercise is trying to get your mind in the right place to find out what you really enjoy, what fulfills you, what you would do if you could do anything. Find that thing and you be the best at that thing.

The common trait of successful entrepreneurs is they have passion and they enjoy what they’re doing. You have to find that thing that fulfills you. The thing that you do, that’s what you pursue, that’s what you hustle at.

When you align what you enjoy doing with what you hustle at is where you see the best results.

It becomes the work that you enjoy.

Experience Abundance Now

It’s not this balance between hustle and the passion. Yes, breaks are important. I take Small Scale Sabbaticals where every seventh week, I take off the entire week. I’ve been doing this for over a year now. Breaks are important, but you know what? Every time that sabbatical week is ending, I cannot wait to get back to work. I can’t wait to do the work that fulfills me, to do thing that I hustle at.

When you find those things and align them—what you enjoy with what you hustle at—that is when you’re going to see the best results. That’s where you’re going to experience the most fulfillment. You have to give yourself experiences of abundance now.

You can’t just work for 30 years in a job you hate doing work you don’t like to be able to retire and do nothing for the rest of your life. That’s not going to fulfill you.

Whatever this thing is that you want to do eventually, whatever this experience is, this place you want to arrive at, you have to give yourself a taste of it.

You could die before you reach that point and you’ve experienced no fulfillment! You haven’t had those experiences of abundance. Maybe, on a less serious note, you could find out that the thing you thought you enjoy, once you taste it, is not actually something you like, yet you’ve been working your whole life towards this point. You’ve got to give yourself those experiences.

If you want to travel the world, don’t work for 30 years and say, “I’ll travel later in life,” give yourself that experience now! Go on the trip, enjoy yourself, experience it. Once it’s real, it will become tangible to you. That goal of traveling the world now, once you’ve had that one awesome trip, is going to be real. You’ve got that photo up on your mirror and you remember that time and it fuels you.

Once again, align the hustle with the passion. You align the hustle with what you do, with what fulfills you, and that’s why:

It’s not a balance between the hustle and enjoying your life.

Everything is life.

You need to align what you do with what fulfills you and that’s where the balance is. It’s just a merging together. The bigger than venn diagram overlap is, the better. You want to do what fulfills you and that’s where your passion is.