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You have a big goal and you want to accomplish it, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by it. It seems kind of daunting. However, you don’t want to lower your standards. You don’t want to dream small, you want to dream big.

How do you dream big, set big goals, and accomplish them without feeling overwhelmed? A lot of people take this big goal and they assume accomplishing it means doing big things, but:

The way to accomplish a big goal is to do a bunch of small steps over time.

It’s repetition and the consistency of those small steps. Let’s say your big goal is to lose more weight than you’ve ever lost in your life before. That sounds really daunting. You know what it takes. You know it means eating healthy. You know it means not eating the bad things. You know it means working out every day. But when you think of what it will really take, it takes a ton of those days.

It takes 100 days of no ice cream.

When you look at 100 days of no ice cream, that feels like a really sad time. It feels like a really long time to go without something that you love.

Whatever that big goal is—if you want to make a million dollars and you think, “Wow, if I want to make a million dollars, I need to make $80,000 a month! I need to have 12 months in a row of more than $80,000 to get to a million dollars a year,” if you’re thinking in those terms, you’re just going to get overwhelmed.

When you think of all those big pieces that are required to get to a big goal, it feels daunting—you feel paralyzed. What’s better is to focus on one day at a time. What is it going to take to accomplish your big goal? Deconstruct that down to the smallest piece. By “small piece” I mean something you can accomplish in a day. Then, your definition of a successful day is whether you can check the box on having done that one thing.

Focusing on each day, one day at a time, helps you accomplish bigger goals without feeling overwhelmed.

Losing weight no longer looks like 100 days without ice cream, it’s a focus on just today, where you can check the box that says, “I didn’t have ice cream today,” or, “I worked out today,” or, “I worked on my business today.”

Where we get caught up is thinking too far down the road from where we are now. We overthink and that overthinking causes paralysis.

For someone who is trying to lose weight, if they’re thinking about, “Once I lose 20 pounds, won’t it be really hard to lose 30 pounds?” and they haven’t even lost any weight at all, they’re essentially at the starting line thinking about what they’ll do after they get around the next corner.

When it comes to growing a business, if you haven’t made your first $1,000, you shouldn’t be worrying about what you do when you make your first $10,000 or how to get from $10,000 to $20,000 a month, or what to do when you’re trying to hire a fifth employee when you haven’t hired your first.

Big goals are accomplished one day at a time. It’s one step at a time. One small win at a time. One little bit of progress at a time, repeated over and over, consistently. That consistency is what gets us there, not the overthinking of what to do on step 10 or step 20 when we haven’t even taken that first step.

We’re too results focused. We’re too focused on wondering what happens if I put in the action and if I put in the effort and I don’t see the desired results. You can’t allow yourself to think that way.

You have to think of it as a privilege to wonder, “What if I don’t see the desired results?” That privilege is earned by putting in the action, by putting in the time.

Here’s the thing: when you focus on putting in the action, and every single day checking the box of the thing you needed to do to move the needle to get you one step closer to that goal, by the time you got to where you’re not seeing results you’re not going to care because your focus is where it needs to be.

Your focus is on the work. Your head is down. You’re moving the needle. You’re doing the thing you need to do and ultimately, that focus is going to allow you to blow past where you’re not seeing the results. You can’t see the results on the surface, but you know underneath the surface, you’re getting closer to that goal and that’s what’s going to take you to actually achieving it and actually winning.