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We all process things differently. Most of us fall into one of two categories: we either talk to think or we think before we talk.

There’s no wrong way or right way to go about it, we just process things differently. Some of us think out loud and some of us think internally before we talk. I’m the latter. I tend to think before I speak and if you’re the same, you may not see as much of a benefit to sharing your ideas or plans with other people.

People who think out loud often use other people as a sounding board for their ideas and it’s a way of processing the things that are going on in their mind.

If you process internally, you may not be as naturally inclined to share ideas or to think out loud. It doesn’t seem like there’s much of a benefit to telling someone something you’ve already thought about.

Since you, as someone who thinks before you talk, doesn’t need to talk out loud to figure out what you think, we typically don’t share ideas with other people or at least we don’t bounce them off of others as much as we should.

Share with others because they have a unique perspective.

When you’re in your own bubble, you feel like you’ve thought through everything conclusively. You’re exhaustive in your thinking and no one else can change your mind, but people can spark a new idea by giving you fresh perspective.

Even if they say something you already thought of, this actually provides a place for you to think of new ideas. While you’re listening to them, your brain may be thinking about the situation from a different angle. You may come up with something completely new. Essentially, your ideas can have idea babies.

Sharing ideas spawns new ideas that couldn’t have ever existed unless both of you had put everything out on the table.

This is something those of us who think before we speak don’t ever get to see. That’s a natural benefit that those who think out loud often get. We don’t get that because we’re not inclined to share as much. We process internally, but this is something that we miss.

I get a lot of benefit from sharing my plans, ideas, or goals with people on my team or my friends. I can’t remember the last time I shared and didn’t get a new perspective, and head in an even more productive direction.

Even if you feel like you have it all together, I would encourage you to share with people. Just bounce your ideas off of people. Don’t be precious with your ideas. Don’t think that the idea is important and withhold that from others.

Even if you’re someone who processes internally and you think first, I would encourage you to share next time. Next time you have some plan, goal, or project you want to do, bounce those ideas off of people and I think you’ll be surprised by the results.