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What is your company? What is your brand? What do you stand for? What do you not stand for?

Most of us define our companies by the outward bounds. We say, “We cover everything up to this point. We do all of these things.” We define the limits, but I want to challenge that idea.

Rather than look at the outward bounds of what our companies are, I like to look inward to what the principles and values are. What are the things that you stand for?

Rather than focus on the outward bounds of what your brand is, focus inward on the values of what your brand stands for and could be.

You may find that what you do isn’t limited to what you previously thought or that what you’re about can actually have a greater potential and reach than your initial scope. Limiting the outward bounds can place an arbitrary cap on you potential growth.

You may think that you’re about selling hammers, but if you examine yourself, you might find that you’re about more than just hammers. Maybe you’re about home craftsmanship, which can lead to many more things.

Suddenly, you realize this is bigger than just selling hammers. You’re in the business of serving the craftsman. Soon you realize it’s not about this one tool in isolation, it’s about helping a person solve a problem and that can lead to many other things beyond just hammers.

Hammers, or whatever represents hammers in your case, just happens to be that single thing you focus on in the beginning.

This first product you focus on is where you establish your reputation.

In tomorrow’s episode we’ll talk about how to take a business with a single-product focus and grow it to a multifaceted brand empire.