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Yesterday I told you that I’m writing three books in a month.

In July of 2016, I’m going to be writing three books called Overlap, Curate, and Reciprocity.

The first book I wanted to write is about this thing I call The Overlap Technique. It’s about getting from a soul-sucking day job to pursuing what you love to do.

Curate is about niching down, finding your focus, and growing an audience. The third book, Reciprocity, is giving value to that audience and building a long-term, sustainable business on timeless principles.

I mentioned that these three books are going to be available as hardcover books. Now, that sounds kind of crazy at first because I’m self-publishing and this is going to be pretty expensive, but I don’t think of this as a way to make money.

I’m not planning to make money with these books, I’m planning to invest money.

I think it’ll probably cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce these books, but I’m seeing them as an investment in my future.

I’m Investing in My Future

I pretend I’m 50 years old and at this point, let’s say I’ve written 40 books, and I look back to that first book and it’s a flimsy book. It’s just this dinky little book and I’m thinking, “Man, I’ve built this legacy, I’ve built this library of 40 books now.”

I’m 50 years old and all I can think about is how much I long for the ability to go back and invest in that first book of timeless principles that I stand by, The Overlap Technique. I wish I could make that book look like the timeless principles inside. I wish I could make it feel like the valuable information that’s inside.

As a 50 year old person, I wish that I could time travel back to now. Well, it is now! Right now, I’m 27 years old. I have yet to write my first book, but I want to make that book.

I want my book to feel like a quality book. It’s going to have timeless principles and it’s going to help people, so I want it to feel like something that you can revisit and pass on to someone.

Of course, my main focus is to write a quality book with a solid message. The fact that it’s going to be made of quality materials is only so that the materials reflect the quality of the principles inside.

I’m envisioning something that’s made of linen or made or cloth, embossed, and super nice quality, but the focus isn’t to make a nice book for the sake of making a nice book.

I believe so strongly in the timeless nature of the message inside of these books that I want the physical properties of the book to reflect that.

Another reason I wanted to make a physical book and not just an eBook is because it’s hard to gift something that’s intangible.

If you’ve ever tried to gift an eBook to someone, you know there’s probably a 50% chance that they never even read it. They see it and they don’t want to mess with the technical details of downloading an app or using an eBook reader and making sure it’s compatible.

As much as we like to say they’re going away, physical books aren’t going away anytime soon. There’s something about feeling the thickness of the pages in a physical book, knowing exactly how far you are into it, and remembering the place on the page you were.

People Gift Physical Books

It’s much easier to give someone a physical book as a gift than it is to recommend a podcast or gift them an eBook. Over the past five years, I’ve recorded hundreds of audio podcasts and videos and written millions of words on my website, but they’re all fragmented in blog posts and podcast episodes and videos.

There’s such a hurdle to subscribing and committing to going through a whole series just to find things on a specific theme. I found that people want to recommend seanwes tv or the seanwes podcast, and they do, but only a few people go through the hurdles of subscribing and listening to each show to distill the principles on something that actually serves them or actually gives value to them.

Where a book really serves someone well is how it goes deep on a topic. You don’t have to find a bunch of related podcast episodes or videos on YouTube, you just go straight to a book and go deep on a subject.

A book is giftable and a book is something that goes in-depth on a topic. I want to give people a really great experience, not just an awesome reading experience, but a wonderful physical experience and the book that they hold is something that’s up to the standards of seanwes and everything we’re about here.

I’ve decided I want to make a physical, hardcover book—something you’d be proud to put on your shelf or give as a gift. I know that’s going to be an investment.

I know it’s going to be a lot of money to produce this, but I’m willing to put in money because I believe in this message. I want to be able to share this message and allow you to share this message without just telling someone, “Go watch this show.”

The books are going to be available individually as well as in a series. The first book, Overlap, will be available for free as an eBook. I’m going to be making audio books as well for those of you who buy the whole collection.

If you are interested in hearing more about this, you can go to and sign up for the email list there.

I’m going to be keeping you informed about the writing process and my ambitious goal of writing all three books in a single month. I would love to have you join me.