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I’ve got a question today from Nick in the Community. He asked, “Sean, if a TV network offered to build you your dream studio and paid you plus the team if you brought seanwes onto tv, would you do it or would you keep seanwes online under your own brand?”

I love this question. Essentially, he’s asking, “Would I take a bunch of money to have my entity on someone else’s platform?”

The answer is an emphatic no, absolutely not.

I’ve spent years investing hundreds of thousands of dollars building my own infrastructure and platform, so I wouldn’t do that just to give it up to another company. I wouldn’t give up the freedom and control of how I operate the business.

You have to know your goals going into business.

My goal is that I want to help people and I want to do that in the best way I know possible. To be able to do that, I need to have full control over the platform.

If my business is on someone else’s platform, I have to play by their rules and they can change the game. They can dictate how we operate.

I operate from a certain set of values, things like not discounting—I don’t ever bring the price down and punish my early buyers.

I don’t cut corners. I invest in quality production, and I don’t ever want to sell the attention of my viewers, my listeners, or my subscribers to advertisers and sponsors.

You’ll notice that none of my shows have advertisements before them or sponsors in them. I don’t want to sell your attention because I operate from a standpoint of Relationship Marketing.

Relationship marketing is the Rule of Reciprocity. Reciprocity means giving value, then selling.

  1. Give value.
  2. Sell.

It has to be in that order and if you’re selling the attention of your users or your listeners, then the reciprocity loop has been closed.

A lot of platforms and networks operate this way and if I want to operate according to my values, I have to own the platform.

When I own the platform, I get to dictate how we operate.

In the past, I have been on other platforms. I sold products and taught on other platforms, and at the end of the day, they set the rules. They dictate how we operate.

They would discount my products and my courses, which I believe is punishing. It punishes the early buyers, the loyal people who buy from you first.

When they see a product they previously purchased go in the discount bin, they’re disappointed. They feel like they were tricked or duped.

I want to reward my loyal buyers, but in order to operate that way, I have to control the platform.

When you’re on someone else’s platform or network, they can sell the attention of your viewers. They can put advertisements and sponsors on your shows. They can run discounts on your stuff and you can’t control that.

When it comes down to it, there’s two types of people:

  • People who build companies out of the hopes that they will be acquired by one of the bigger guys.
  • People who build companies with the intent to become one of the bigger guys.

I’ve decided ahead of time that seanwes is the latter.