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What do you do when no one’s buying?

You just launched a product or you put something up for sale and nobody’s buying. It’s just crickets. What do you do?

Well, if you only have 10 people in your audience, it’s not really that much of a surprise.

If you have 10,000 people that you’re exposed to and you’re still not making a sale, then that’s indicative of a bigger problem.

If you have 10 people, that’s not going to result in a sale.

For every 20 people that say they want to buy something, expect 5% of them to actually buy.

5% of 20 is a single person.

If you’re not making sales and you only have exposure to a few people, you shouldn’t be worrying about conversion rates.

You shouldn’t be worrying about trying to sell more to your existing audience, you need to expand your reach.

You need to get in front of more people. Maybe that looks like partnering up with someone, guest-blogging, contributing to other websites, doing some kind of in-person event, or meeting people at conferences and networking. You need to get in front of more people if you only have exposure to a few.

Did You Make the Wrong Product?

But if you have exposure to 10,000 people and you’re still not making sales, that means you either have a conversion problem, or you possibly made the wrong product.

If you have a conversion problem, that means a lot of people are coming to your page where they can buy, but none of them are actually converting—none of them are buying.

The way you know you made the wrong product is if you didn’t do any validation before you made the product.

You didn’t do any research, you didn’t talk to members of your audience, you didn’t talk to the people you’re actually trying to reach with this product, you just made it and then you’re trying to make other people want it.

You’re going to have a hard time with that. You need to make what people want and all the work is done for you. It’s easy.

When you make what people want, they’ll simply buy it.

If we assume that you made the right product, you’re getting a lot of exposure, but you’re still not making sales, that means you have a conversion problem.

Is Your Audience Resonating?

You might have a conversion problem if you’re getting a lot of people to your landing page, but no one is buying.

Most likely this means the narrative on your landing page isn’t resonating with your target audience. It’s not telling a story that people can relate to and it’s not telling them what they want to hear. They don’t feel heard.

People don’t feel like you have the solution to their problem.

If you’re in this position, what you need to do is go back to the drawing board, do some research, and talk to your prospective customers.

Actually have a conversation with them, maybe call someone up like a friend who fits within your target audience and have a conversation with them about their struggles.

Then, re-craft this landing page for whatever product you’ve created. The landing page needs to tell a story. You can tell it with writing or video, but it needs to tell a story that people can relate to.

Source the words and the material of your landing page for your product from the conversation you had with this customer. Source from the struggles they have. You want people to feel like you get them, that your product is going to be the solution for them.

The best way to build trust with people is to let them know you understand their struggles.

When you can convey that you understand their struggles and the problem they have better than they do, they will assume that you have the best solution.

I want to hear from you. Let me know in the YouTube comments if you recently put out a product or launched a course and nobody bought. You launched it and all you got were crickets.

Which do you think was your problem? Was it exposure or was it making the wrong product? Was it a lack of doing research on what people actually want to buy?