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How do you stand out in a saturated market?

I recently received a question from Jackie who said she’s starting a blog to help other bloggers turn their blog into a business. Now, that’s a pretty saturated market.

There’s a lot of people who blog who are trying to turn their blog into a business. How does she stand out?

Well, that’s not all of her question. She actually said she is also an attorney and she wants to share her legal knowledge with people.

I immediately saw the intersection, but she was talking about two completely separate focuses and she’s wondering: how does she stand out in both of these equally saturated markets?

She has the answer right there. It’s the intersection of those two pursuits.

What she should be doing is sharing her legal knowledge on a blog, helping people, like other attorneys, turn their legal knowledge into an additional stream of revenue. She should be teaching people how to blog about legal advice.

If you find yourself in an overly saturated market, take another one of your pursuits and find the intersection of those two things.

Be the best person at that intersection and that’s where you’re going to stand out.

In Jackie’s case, she wanted to help people start a blog and turn that blog into a business. Well, what better way than to start by niching down and then grow outward from there?

If she builds a successful law blog, she then has a perfect case study for eventually teaching other people how to turn their blog into a business.

If she focuses on sharing her law knowledge with people, she might attract clients, or people who want to learn from her. These are people she could teach, maybe in a course, how to create their own law blog or how to create additional revenue streams as an attorney.

At this point, Jackie has experience with using a blog to generate business and in the future, she can show other people how she used a blog as an acquisition channel to get more clients, to get more prospects for a book that she writes, or a course that she releases.

Now she has a case study for teaching other people how to make a living using their blog, and not just turn a blog into a business, but using a blog to generate revenue, bring in new clients, and to build buzz for future product launches. Now she has a track record.

Take what was previously an oversaturated market, niche down, find your specific angle, and become the best person there.

Then, take your track record there and grow outward. You become known for something and then you teach people on a grander scale about how they can do the same. Teach how they can use your methods to grow their business or generate additional streams of revenue.