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The #1 email newsletter mistake I see people making is addressing their subscribers as a group.

You might be tempted to do this. It’s very natural for you to do it because you see the numbers of subscribers you have. Maybe you have 1,000 subscribers and you imagine 1,000 people, like you’re on a stage in front of all those people.

You address them by saying, “Hello, everyone!” because someone sitting down in a chair in the audience can see that they are in a group.

They look to their left and look to their right and there’s people all around them, so it’s natural for you to address them as a group, but you’re not on a stage.

You may have 10,000 subscribers but when you send a newsletter, it’s 1 person sending 1 email to 1 other person, 10,000 times.

It’s not you sending a message to 10,000 people.

If you really want to build that relationship with your subscribers. Treat them like they are one person and speak to them very personally.

A good tip that I have for this is to imagine that you’re composing an email just to a single person.

Go into your email account, press compose, make a new message, and even type it to a friend of yours or to your brother, and imagine sending this just to one person.

Notice how your language changes. Your language changes because you’ve adapted it to reach one person.

This is how all of your newsletters, updates to your Facebook page, or posts about newly available products should be written.

You want to write it to one person because it’s going to be one person on their phone or their computer reading your email.

If you want to avoid the #1 mistake, don’t say, “Hey everyone!” or, “Hey, you guys!”

Don’t talk to people as a group, talk to them as one individual person, because that’s exactly who they are.