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A lot of people want to become famous and a lot of people want to become known for something, so how do you become famous?

First, you have to pick the thing that you want to be known for. You have to pick something that you’re good at and then go all in on that thing. Give all of your energy to it.

Sometimes, you might need to start with just exploring.

Don’t worry about being famous right now, worry about finding what you’re good at and enjoy the process of it.

There are a lot of things that you might think you would like. You have ideas of passions or ideas of things you would like to become famous for but you might end up doing them and not actually enjoy it.

Give yourself permission to explore things and figure out what you like the act of doing.

Next, you need to develop your skill and work hard at it. That’s what it comes down to: hard work and endurance.

You have to show up every day for years. It’s not something that happens overnight.

All of the famous people you know worked really hard even before the thing that you know them for.

Even the first thing they became well known for wasn’t the first thing they did. They had a lot of failures. They did a lot of hard work in the beginning and they showed up every day. They got rejected over and over and over again.

You have to decide if you have what it takes, if it’s worth getting rejected, and worth failing a bunch of times before you make it.

A lot of people share a bunch of tips and tricks to getting famous faster and say you need to hang around famous people, and get noticed by famous people so some of their fame will rub off on you, but I don’t think that’s genuine. I don’t think that’s the route that you want to go.

I would rather say the more uncommon advice, which is: take the long, slow, hard path to becoming famous and create value.

Put value out into the world, share your talents with people, do things you enjoy the process of doing, and just keep going until you find something like that. Then, it just comes down to showing up every day.

It’s not glamorous in the beginning, but if you show up every day for years, eventually you will break through.

If your goal is to become famous, it probably won’t happen.

More than likely it will happen as a byproduct of doing something you enjoy and creating value for the world.

It takes a lot of showing up every day. Making a name for yourself doesn’t happen overnight.