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I’m going to tell you how to get paid by clients every single time, on time, with no delays.

First of all, you need to know you must always get paid before you do work. Take a payment and then you start working.

It’s common to break up your payments into two payments of 50%. Take payment #1 which is 50%, do the work, then you take payment #2, and then you give the deliverables.

That’s the important part—before you send over the deliverables, or whatever the completed version of the project is to your client, you take the second payment.

Always get paid before you start work or before you send deliverables.

If you do this, the client is not going to drag their feet anymore. Don’t break this rule—always get paid before you send the deliverables.

Now, if this sounds strange or if you think your client might not go for this, just set expectations in the beginning.

Explain the payment schedule, the terms, and the order of things. Tell the client how the project is going to go and they’re going to be on board.

All disappointment stems from poorly set expectations.

If you set expectations right, you’re going to have a successful project.