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This episode is for those of you who are married, have a significant other, or plan to someday.

You may have some goals, things you want to accomplish, and your spouse might not completely be on board with those things. They may not understand.

They might say they support you, but it might not actually feel like they’re supporting you with their actions.

A lot of you are pushing through this even though you don’t have your spouse on board and it’s absolutely detrimental to keep going like this.

You have to get your spouse or your significant other on board. You need to be on the same page. You need to be a team.

You might think, “Well, they’re not helping me get closer to my goal, but it’s not that bad, right? At the worst, they’re just slowing me down a little bit.” No, it’s much more significant than that.

If someone is not helping you get closer to your goal, they’re taking you away from it.

You cannot afford to have your spouse not be on the same page as you.

Maybe you wake up early to work on your passion before your day job and then you spend more time on it after you come home.

You’re spending all of this time, but you’re spending it with your spouse pulling you in the opposite direction. That’s keeping you from making any progress.

It would be much better if you took that time that you’re spending on your passion and spent it completely on them, investing in them.

Invest in them, talk with them, communicate with them, and get them on board with your goals and your vision.

If you’re fortunate enough for your significant other to be interested in whatever you’re doing, whatever you want to talk about, you can just have the conversation. But if they’re not interested in it, you’re going to have to invest in them.

Hopefully, you have some sort of overlap of interests. That’s why you even go together in the first place. We all know that overlap isn’t going to be an entire eclipse.

You have things that each of you enjoy that the other doesn’t enjoy. If whatever you enjoy doing is not a topic they enjoy, you are going to have to invest in them to get to talk about the things that you want to do. That might look like giving them gifts, taking them out on a date, going to get coffee, or watching movies that they like but you don’t.

Investing in them will give you credits or points for them to do something that you like, and you need to spend all of those points on having this conversation.

You need to have a conversation about how important your passion is to you and how much you need them on board with it.

Shows like seanwes tv or the seanwes podcast can actually help them get on board a lot faster.

If your spouse doesn’t enjoy these kinds of podcasts or shows, then you need to be the one giving them this kind of input. Otherwise, find a source they do enjoy that still conveys the positive messages they need to hear.

I’ve talked about the Magic of 7 and how people have to hear things seven times for it to resonate. With a spouse, it might feel like they need to hear it 70 times, but you’re going to have to be that person to say it 70 times.

You have to put in the credits, make those impressions, and you have to be patient. Invest in your relationship with your spouse or significant other. You have to get them on board.

Spend all of the time that you previously set aside to do the things you wanted to do and invest it in them, because once you get them on board, then it’s all forward progress.

The energy of having your spouse on board is going to bring you to success, otherwise they’re going to be taking you away from it and that’s not good. That will make both of you depressed. Instead, having them on board will result in you doing that thing you want to do and they totally support you.

They’re finding other things that they like to do during that time, they’re giving you that time, supporting you in that time, and they tell you that they’re proud of you—that is invaluable.

Take the time to communicate with them and invest in them.