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What’s the difference between content marketing and copywriting? Not knowing the difference can be detrimental to your business.

Content marketing is providing value; copywriting is selling.

It’s easy to see how confusing the two can be problematic. Neglecting either one will destroy your sales.

Content marketing is providing value. This can come in many forms, like blog posts, podcasts, videos, newsletters, etc. There are many ways to give away free value.

Why would you give away free value instead of selling it? Giving away free value helps build trust.

You want to build peoples’ trust because people buy from those that they know, like, and trust.

How can people trust you if you haven’t shared anything of value? The common misconception is that if you have a product or something you’re selling that’s valuable, you shouldn’t give any of it away for free.

But how can people know that what you have to sell is good if they can’t even see any of it?

Giving away some of that content for free is going to help them build trust. Because people buy from those that they trust, your sales will be greater than if you gave away nothing for free. No one knows your product is valuable, unless they buy.

People aren’t going to buy unless they trust you and they’re not going to trust you unless you’ve given them something of value.

In the same way, if you’re only doing content marketing and not copywriting, then you’re just giving things away and not selling at all. You’re not actually doing content marketing, you’re just creating content.

On the other hand, copywriting is about closing the deal. It’s about bridging the gap, it’s not so much trying to provide value.

At this point, you’ve already provided value, so people trust you now. They’re already going to go with you, they know your product is good, but copywriting is that little nudge. It helps them make a decision.

Where you’ll run into trouble is trying to use copywriting for more than it’s intended to be used for.

Copywriting is meant to be used together with content marketing.

Copywriting is supposed to be the thing you do after you’ve provided value. If you try to push copywriting to do too much, either more than what it’s intended to be used for or without content marketing, that will result in something that feels really sales-y.

If you’ve come across a webpage or even some person who feels really sales-y, it’s probably because there’s an absence of value.

Here’s the interesting part: even though copywriting and content marketing are different things, they should be used together. In fact, most of your content should be comprised of both—it should provide value and it should also sell.

Pop quiz: what has this episode been so far, content marketing or copywriting?

If you answered content marketing, you are correct. That’s because I’m providing educational value by telling you the difference between content marketing and copywriting. That’s something useful that you can apply to your own business.

Now, since I’ve provided value, I have the opportunity to sell something and you do too.

When you provide value first, you get permission to sell and that’s when you can use copywriting.

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Where do you struggle most with writing? Do you struggle with content marketing or do you struggle with copywriting?

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